Top Five Hybrid Cloud Hosting Providers in India

Hybrid cloud hosting stands between private and public cloud hosting and seeks to combine the components of on-premises dedicated hosting with public cloud services. Private environment is used for sensitive or uncomplicated data processing needs whereas public clouds are used for complicated applications where data is generated in bulk.

Hybrid cloud as such is the ultimate combination of public and private cloud hosting environment.  Hybrid cloud computing allows organization to leverage the power of private cloud to process sensitive data in house and use the public cloud for processing information of general nature. Public clouds hosting are highly flexible and scalable in nature and as such organizations can always count on them to receive adequate resources to meet the load placed by sudden spikes in network load.

It is important to know the various advantages and benefits associated with Hybrid cloud hosting before we talk about our list of top five hybrid hosting providers in India.

Some of the important advantages of opting for hybrid cloud hosting are as following:

Hybrid cloud hosting environment offers scalability, reliability and seamless portability. Your business can greatly benefit by moving seamlessly between two platforms keeping their data processing needs in mind.  Businesses can efficiently distribute their workload in a hybrid cloud environment thereby making highly efficient use of both hosting platforms.

Higher levels of security

Hybrid cloud hosting offers higher level of security at affordable costs. Organizations can keep their mission-critical data and information on premise behind the firewall, whereas data and information that is of general nature can be processed on public cloud.

Greater flexibility

Hybrid cloud hosting allows organizations to explore various operational avenues, and allows high website performance as unexpected rise in website traffic can easily be met with extra resources provided by physical servers on public cloud.


Hybrid cloud computing makes use of both private and public clouds and as such allows business to save operational cost to a significant extent by helping them achieve economies of scale without any fear or threat of security breach as business critical data is housed within the premises of the organization.

Having discussed about the important benefits of hybrid cloud computing it is now time to turn towards our list of top five hybrid cloud hosting providers in India. It is important to note that this list was composed after painstaking research by our team of experts who took into various important factors like reliability, cost-effectiveness, security, customer support, etc.


Go4Hosting occupies first position in our list of top five hybrid cloud hosting provider in India. This quality hosting services provider with more than thirteen years experience of providing impeccable service to a large number of organizations in India across various sectors provides secure and reliable hybrid hosting solutions at highly affordable prices.

It allows you to seamlessly combine the security of a private cloud hosting with public cloud hosting services. Its vast experience and exceptional professionals bring together public and private cloud hosting, dedicated servers, collocated hardware , and backup services to design and implement a high performing hybrid cloud hosting solution in real quick time.

Dedicated Server By Go4hosting


Another noteworthy mention on our list of top five hybrid cloud hosting provider in India, HostGator is an experienced and knowledgeable firm that works closely with its clients to comprehend and architect an efficient and reliable hybrid cloud hosting solution.

It offers exceptional customer service with 24/7/365 technical support to help organizations leverage the power of both private and public clouds to quickly set up a performance driven hybrid cloud hosting solutions.  It offers high levels of scalability and flexibility by providing resources that are scalable in nature.



IPage occupies third spot in our list of top five hybrid cloud hosting providers in India. It offers outstanding reliability with high class security suite and support suite.  It has many servers at their disposal ensuring continuity of operation in all situations and circumstances.


Organizations as such are assured of always having a server at their disposal to take care of their data processing needs. Its experience and dedication allows it to quickly deliver IT services securely within your own infrastructure. Its hybrid hosting solution combines reliable and secure private cloud with flexible and accessible public cloud to drive up your revenue at much lower operational cost.

Apart from the three top hybrid hosting providers in India, Cloudoye and CloudOngo are the two hosting service providers that complete our list of top five hybrid cloud hosting provider in India.

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