Top Five Cloud CDN(Content Delivery Network) Providers in India

The cloud CDN refers to a server network which keeps the cached versions of all static content to ensure super fast delivery. This static content which is kept in the CDN is then distributed across many locations so that the data can be delivered from the closest server to the client when he needs it. The cloud CDN services are important because they guarantee faster delivery of sites and offer protections against sudden spikes in traffic or network malfunctions. So, the CDN is basically a cluster of a group of servers which are deployed across many locations over the Internet and their task is to facilitate the fast dissemination of content to end-users. You can choose cloud CDN services for your business from the following top cloud CDN Hosting providers in India:

Cloud CDN Server Hosting

Go4Hosting: Go4Hosting is known to offer resource-intensive applications and files to end users in record time. This company delivers cutting edge solutions so that data delivery is quick to websites which receive a lot of traffic. The servers installed by Go4Hosting are designed to optimize the way in which critical applications work with the Internet and speeds up the turnaround time. This cloud CDN provider can deliver the content at lightning fast speeds, it can deliver huge files seamlessly, and it is also equipped to deliver video files which are hosted in the main server. It can accelerate live event streaming through the Adobe Media Live Encoder. It also supports computers and laptops, IOS and Android devices.
Top Five Cloud CDN Providers in IndiaCloudOYE: CloudOYE is also ranked as one of the top five cloud CDN providers in India and delivers the next-generation solutions for quick dissemination of static content to the end-users. Their servers take care of delivery in record time, guarantee low latency, backed by high data transfer speeds. This provider is partners with OnApp which is a pioneer in content delivery networks. It has helped it to make their website performance better so that applications and videos can be delivered seamlessly across more than 170 locations.

Top Five Cloud CDN Providers in IndiaNetMagic Solutions: The CDN services offered by NetMagic allow businesses to avoid delay in customer transactions because of Internet latency. It also speeds up the customer application processes online so that it can cater to client demands for additional online services. Their CDN services also allow businesses to offer rich media, business apps and process dynamic transactions online for their clients, showing unparalleled reliability. This also ensures that the business can grow in keeping with and cater to client demands. Top Five Cloud CDN Providers in India

CloudOnGo: is known for delivering superior cloud CDN services which guarantee fast delivery of static content, including both audio and video files. Their services help to get rid of network congestion’s and packet loss, thereby improving data accessibility. This company offers easy customization so that users are able to customize according to their needs. also guarantees high content availability regardless of the user’s geographical locations. It stores the copies of the most visited websites, audios and videos so that these may be accessed globally. Their user-friendly control panel ensures that you get the data regarding up-time and costs so that you can optimize the CDN costs even further.
CtrlS: This cloud CDN provider in India has services designed to cater to the premium requirement of larger businesses, e-commerce businesses and media organizations. CtrlS is a Tier-4 data center with state-of-the-art CDN services which can deliver both dynamic and static content across the globe smoothly through its 170 PoPs or Points of Presence across the Americas, Europe, MENA and APAC. Their business-class cloud CDN services will guarantee low latency, quicker content delivery for the bigger enterprises through multiple efficient PoPs.
Top Five Cloud CDN Providers in India

These are the top five cloud CDN providers in India from where you can choose you CDN services. All content delivery networks function almost in the same way. The content is made available to the viewer speedily from different locations depending on the proximity. The two main types of CDN services are “push” and “pull”, each with its share of advantages and drawbacks. While some sites work best with push CDNS, others are seen to work better with the pull CDNs.

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