Top 5 Reasons Why Dedicated Server Hosting is Right for Your Business

Dedicated server hosting refers to a hosting environment wherein a company rents computing infrastructure for its exclusive use including web server, related software, and internet connectivity, all housed in the web hosting company’s premises.

The server is typically configured and operated from a location different from the client’s premises.

While renting a dedicated server, the hosting provider may offer a specified system or a choice of several systems.

Top 5 Reasons Why Dedicated Server Hosting Is Right For Your Business.

Some providers also allow clients to purchase their own server systems and install it in providers’ premises. Such a service is called colocation Server.

Here are top 5 reasons why dedicated server hosting is right for your business.

1. It Manages High Traffic Volume:

It is an ideal solution if your web site is generating huge traffic volume, for example more than 30 million hits a day. Such a scenario requires huge space on the server and high level of technical support.

A dedicated server is capable of managing a high traffic web site because, the modus operandi of dedicated service does not allow for sharing of server with other entities. You alone have the privilege of using the entire server capacity to manage traffic and operate web based applications.

2. It Offers Excellent Support for Hybrid Solutions:

You can have unified solution architecture by the integration of cloud servers and dedicated servers. This will facilitate increased IT and business agility. Such a capability becomes vital in situations when you need to be highly flexible, dynamic and have the ability to quickly respond to emerging opportunities.

3. It Offers Compelling Financial Advantages:

When you opt for dedicated server, you simply rent the equipment from the provider. By choosing a monthly subscription service you are freed from upfront capex commitment.

You also benefit by sustained cost savings because you capitalize on provider’s administration resource.

It is a win-win situation because the hosting provider benefits from economies of scale realized through bulk purchase of hardware and software infrastructure and connectivity, and you benefit because provider passes on the savings to you.

4. It Has Operational Advantages:

Ease of upgrade and access to technical expertise are definitive benefits derived from dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated server hosting providers try their best to maintain competitive edge by using the best and up-to-date technology.
If a newer hardware becomes available with the provider you can opt to migrate to it without a worry of upgrading IT skill sets, because the host provider will manage it in totality.

The hosting provider has the technical expertise to monitor the server, trouble shoot hardware problems, and provide support functions.

By freeing yourself from management of the server you can focus more on running your business and other vital day to day operations.

5. It Offers Comprehensive Risk Minimization:

Server security is much more than providing firewalls to prevent intrusion. You need to prevent unauthorized access in an inclusive manner.

A dedicated server hosting provider will have closed circuit TV, allow limited access to server rooms, and a high level of onsite security to ensure complete security for your servers.
In addition, dedicated service is backed by Service Level Agreements that guarantee service availability and up-times.

Dedicated server is a straightforward solution for businesses with complex application, back up, disaster recovery and storage requirements.

But when it comes to choosing a service, you must never go for the lowest price.

Quality hosting involves lot of expenditure. Hosting providers have to spend on data center, network infrastructure, technical support staff, security systems and more.

To run a dedicated server at peak performance is not easy.
Evaluate a provider based on service quality, which in turn depends on the provider’s data centers, network performance and SLAs.

Also look for the provider’s quality of customer support, and its ability to provide you with scalability that can sustain your future growth.

A best-in-class dedicated server will enable you to focus your in-house limited resources on your core competencies – and this is in the best interest of your business.

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