Top 10 VPS Hosting For Magento

If Magento is your favorite hosting solution and you use it on a regular basis, then VPS hosting for Magento is recommended to enjoy a smooth and trouble-free hosting experience. Magento VPS hosting is generally used by developers, bloggers, and agencies looking for comprehensive solutions that takes care of everything from cPanel management to backups to server management solutions. There are many Magento VPS hosting services available but obviously, not all of them offer the same high quality service.

It is important to make the right decision while choosing a Magento VPS hosting service. We have made the job of finding the best one easy for you with this top 10 VPS hosting for Magento services.

DialWebHosting is a VPS Magento hosting provider of high repute and preferred by businesses for their ability to provide web and cloud hosting solutions of the highest quality. Websites can enjoy top grade performance with amazing consistency with DialWebHosting VPS Magento hosting. Easy customization features and competitive pricing are some of the other key highlights of the service.

GoDaddy has become synonymous with quality and ease of use among many businesses. They stand apart because their VPS Magento hosting solutions are easy to install, run and manage. GoDaddy also offers one of the most efficient support systems to clients. If you think all these come at a stiff price, there is a surprise waiting for you. The services are really affordable.

Go4hosting is one of the top names in Magento VPS hosting as it comes with many features designed to make life easy for users. The top features are improved caching which makes loading of high volume pages easy and increased control. The Magento VPS hosting solution from Go4hosting delivers an enhanced shopping experience through optimized indexing. Load times are reduced with the faster checkout capability. The website can be modified to integrate with the changing and future needs of your business.

InMotion is a reliable VPS Magento hosting service that offers high bandwidth and unlimited space – features that are welcomed by small and large sized businesses. One click Magento install and the offer of a free domain makes this provider’s attractive. Support needs a bit more attention. The pricing is at par with most other VPS Magento hosting services.

Hosting Raja:
Hosting Raja has carved a name for itself as an expert VPS Magento hosting service. The attractive features include high bandwidth and free domain name. The basic hosting plan is available real cheap.

ComputeHost is another popular and reliable VPS Magento hosting service and is being used by some of the top names across various industries. The solutions that they offer can be easily customized for every business solution. ComputeHost VPS Magento hosting comes with many features that are all business-friendly. You can also use their inventory management tools to keep your stocks at reasonably good levels. There are many other benefits that can be availed and that too at a reasonable price.

BlueHost VPS Magento hosting offers a number of features and benefits that can be used for smooth management of business websites. They offer many popular carts with their hosting plan and the support is excellent.

With over 15 years of experience in the hosting business, A2 Hosting has emerged as a reliable name in VPS Magento hosting. They offer the best configuration for ecommerce businesses.

CloudOYE is a popular Magento hosting service that’s popular among ecommerce businesses because of its powerful script. The Magento VPS hosting from CloudOYE is rich in features and makes use of MySQL databases and Zend PHP. CloudOYE Magento hosting is the preferred service because of its high scalability and superior flexibility. High availability is another reason why this service is a favorite of online businesses.

SiteGround offers the best VPS Magento hosting plans for SMBs. High uptime and superior efficiency is guaranteed.

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