Top 10 Video Stream Server Hosting Providers in India

There is a definite increase in demand for video stream server hosting in India and the growing demand has ensured a steady growth in the number of service providers too. Before you make your choice, it is imperative to know what to look for in the leading video stream server hosting providers. By choosing the right server host for your hosting needs, not only can you get all the features and resources you are looking for but it will also save you the hassles and the cost of having to change your service provider frequently.

If you specialize in producing content that has audio and video elements, then a web host that supports streaming media is what you need to provide a smooth and seamless experience to your visitors. Remember that not all hosting services have this on their features list. You will also have to deal with sudden traffic surges and that too without suffering any downtime. The server must be capable of supporting your type of content.

If your business revolves around providing video content to your audience, streaming hosting is a must, even if your website is in its infant stages. This will ensure the smooth running of the media and help you avoid frequent interruptions and snags that are generally associated with the distribution of this type of content.

Choosing the best stream server hosting provider will help you access all the special resources needed for streaming your video files. Here is a list of the top 10 video stream server hosting providers in India.


Go4hosting is the clear and indisputable leader when it comes to stream server hosting. The company has the expertise and the infrastructure needed to deliver the kind of experience you want to give to your users. The service is known for its high reliability, speed, and flexibility, giving you the best control over your entire hosting infrastructure. Their team of experts will help you in putting together the kind of stream server hosting solution you need to meet the unique demands of your business.


BlueHost is another big name in the stream server hosting domain and has a reputation for providing high network and server uptimes. The company also has an excellent customer support system ready to help clients deal with their problems quickly and efficiently. They are currently hosting over two million websites worldwide and enjoy an excellent performance rating from independent rating agencies.


HostGator is a competitively priced stream server hosting service with even basic plans offering a good number of features for you to get started quickly and affordably. With over a decade and half of experience in the hosting industry, they know how to identify the unique needs of each client and create customized solutions to meet those needs. The features they offer include low-density servers, multiple caching layers, and premium hardware. Support is available round the clock.


CloudOYE is another highly reliable name in stream server hosting solutions with a large and growing client base. The service comes with flexible resources and advanced traffic distribution. They use the latest security techniques and offer different levels of services that can be upgraded at regular intervals. 24/7 security support is available for clients who can connect with experts at any point of time to get their technical issues addressed quickly.

Data BaGG:

Data BaGG is a leading online storage service that makes use of the cloud computing platform to provide world class storage solutions to clients. While ensuring easy access to data, Data BaGG also offers customized solutions that can help you manage and optimize data storage from anywhere and at all times. You can upload videos from anywhere, control its privacy and share it with others even if they have no account with the provider.


SiteGround is highly recommended for clients looking for stream server hosting services of the best kind. They score well over others in the area of uptime, support, technical aspects, and speed. Videos can be uploaded and managed effortlessly, thanks to the slew of tools offered by this reputed provider.

A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting is fast-emerging as the stream server hosting service of choice for those who have resource-heavy websites focused more on video content. There are many plans to choose from, all priced reasonably to meet the budget needs of all types of business and individual hosting. One of the key USPs of A2 Hosting is its high reliability.


ComputeHost is one of the leading hosting services, known for their specialization in stream server hosting capabilities. The fast, reliable and flexible service has affordable hosting plans that are powered by world-class features.


This leading provider of enterprise-class cloud hosting services has a reputation for delivering stream server hosting solutions that offer greater scalability. Higher service levels and uninterrupted service are the hallmarks of the service.

InMotion Housing:

InMotion Hosting offers fast loading times and offers the best technology to users in stream server hosting.

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