Top 10 SSL Certificate Provider in India

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL helps to connect a computer with a secure server and thereby helps in transferring details of financial transactions including credit card details, information on tax, details of banking, personal information, and many more to another business server. When you use SSL certificate, it says that all transactions with the site are confidential and the users will not fall victim to any kind of identity theft. There are many popular SSL certificate providers but it is important for you to know the leading ones in this industry.

Now, let’s explore and list the top 10 SSL certificate providers in India –

1. Go4hosting
You can buy SSL certificates through Go4hosting and thereby help you get superior credibility, higher sales, improve website performance, preserve servers cost effectively, and maintain high quality.

2. DialWebHosting
It provides genuine seal SSL certificates to clients and the other features include guaranteed 99.95 per cent browser compatibility, support to mobile devices, unlimited server licenses, and amazing customer support.

3. CloudOYE
It provides wide array of packages related to issuance of SSL certificates, thereby providing your site with enhanced legitimacy and trust.

4. VeriSign
It is definitely one of the most renowned names across the world. It has got more mileage than other service providers because of the fact that VeriSign’s authentication business is a wing of Symantec. All big brands prefer to have VeriSign authentication sign on the website. It supports up to 256 bit encryption and is seen to be more expensive than others. The costliest package comes with features such as $1.5 million warranty, extended validation, and vulnerability assessment.

5. GeoTrust
In case, the SSL packages offered by GeoTrust seem more expensive then you may go for Geo Trust packages. Its costliest package is just one third of that of VeriSign. Some of the main features of this SSL certificate include 256-bit encryption, expert support, and warranty. These features can be found in all the packages.

6. Comodo
Comodo SSL certificate solution is perfect for almost everyone, whether it is for business, home office, enterprise, ecommerce, and others. Comodo is trusted by almost all the browsers and the company offers encryption up to 256 bit. Some of the benefits associated with this SSL certificate include $250,000 warranty, expert phone support, and unlimited server licenses. The packages are highly affordable and the set up can be done in just matter of minutes.

7. Digicert
Digicert is a renowned name in the SSL certification world. It is known by almost all the renowned companies of the online world. Some of the most known names in the online world are Microsoft,, Core Logic, NASA, Wikipedia, Facebook, AT&T, Yahoo, and others. One of the main reasons why these big companies trust on Digicert is the fact that they offer 2048 bit SSL certificates at highly affordable prices. They have wide range of packages, which is most suitable for small-medium businesses to large ones.

8. BlueHost
All the Bluehost customers having shared IP address are provided with free shared SSL Certificate. Customers can also buy Comodo trusted Private SSL certificate through their Bluehost cPanel. In fact, self signed certificate through cPanel SSL or TLS Manager can also be done.

9. BigRock
This renowned hosting solution also provides Comodo SSL certificates that provide users up to 256 bit encryption. Other features of its service include Comodo trusted secure site seal, money-back guarantee (30-days), and many more.

10. Go Daddy
The SSL certificates provide SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, which is the strongest one that is available in the market. There are multiple plans available, depending upon the number of sites it secures.

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