Top 10 SSD VPS Hosting Provider in India

VPS or virtual private server is the best choice for companies that have moved ahead of the capabilities of a shared server system and still not big enough for using a dedicated server hosting service. SSD refers to solid state drive. SSD VPS means that the storage system on the VPS is serviced by solid state drives which are lightning fast and can also cost you more than conventional storage systems such as the SATA or the SAS.

VPS SSD is the preferred hosting solution of a growing number of companies as they can enhance the overall performance of the server significantly. As SSD drives are free from any moving part, the chances of failure come down quite considerably. Many hosting services are now offering SSD VPS hosting as an integral part of their server models which can be ordered at fairly competitive prices. However, the benefits you enjoy are directly linked to your choice of VPS SSD hosting service.

These are the top 5 VPS SSD hosting providers in India right now. You can compare their features and cost to make the best choice.


If you are a startup or a small enterprise looking to scale up operations, then the VPS SSD hosting solutions from HostGator could be just what your business needs. The service is designed to be user-friendly and comes with a number of plans for businesses of all sizes.


For companies looking for an efficient VPS SSD hosting solution that is features-rich and pocket-friendly as well, DreamHost can be the ideal option. The company’s VPS hosting is highly ranked in the industry and is backed by a good support team.


Go4hosting is the clear choice of many top organizations when they are looking for VPS SSD hosting solutions. You can get dedicated IP, storage capacity and round the clock support along with a host of other high value features when you choose VPS SSD hosting from Go4hosting. The pricing is transparent and competitive.


GoDaddy VPS SSD hosting is highly recommended for small and medium businesses. The service is technically good and priced reasonably but the support is not world class as one would expect from an industry leader.


GreenGeeks is another popular VPS SSD hosting service with high uptime guarantee and a renewable energy infrastructure. You can get local RAID and ample SSD storage with competitively priced plans.


CloudOYE offers VPS SSD hosting that guarantees speed and solid performance on a consistent basis. You can get all the space you need plus extended RAM and bandwidth to manage your growing demands smoothly.


Another highly competent and proven VPS hosting service for all types of businesses, DialWebHosting offers high quality storage solutions at pocket-friendly prices. High uptime is guaranteed through advanced VPS hosting technologies.


An exceptionally efficient VPS hosting service, ComputeHost could be the best choice if you are looking for an affordable and technologically superior VPS SSD hosting service. It’s high-tech, secure and fairly priced.


With their high uptime guarantee and great performance record, Arvixe is easily one of the best VPS SSD hosting systems available for your business. You can get unlimited space and data transfer facilities. The plan comes with a money-back guarantee.


Acknowledged by many as one of the top VPS web hosts, InMotion offers professional quality service backed by the latest virtual private server technology. They offer free solid state drives for faster hosting and dedicated IP address as well.

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