Top 10 SSD Cloud Server Hosting Providers in India

SSD Cloud hosting which expands to Solid State Drive cloud hosting is a cloud environment in which the website is hosted on a combination of cloud resources. This is done to ensure seamless performance. If one server in the system is fast reaching its optimum level, then another server readies itself to take over the function smoothly and without allowing any gap. The same happens when one server goes down or fails. Your website will remain active and visible as another server in the system takes over and managed the traffic coming to your site.

SSD cloud hosting solutions guarantee high performance, functionality and reliability. It is a highly recommended choice for organizations that place importance on high availability and seamless performance. SSD hosting improves uptime and reduces power requirements. We have researched and identified the top 10 SSD cloud hosting providers in India.

SSD cloud server hosting from ComputeHost is a clear winner as it offers better performance, security of data, high reliability and enhanced data throughput. You won’t suffer any latency and also save money as energy consumption is low. ComputeHost ensures ready availability of over 300 templates so that users can choose many apps for their functions.

DialWebHosting is a premier cloud hosting service offering SSD cloud server hosting for businesses of all types. This service provider is known for their high quality storage solutions that are not only efficient but priced affordably as well. DialWebHosting also assures highest uptime for your websites.

NetMagic is one of the oldest data center services in India and one of the leading players when it comes to cloud SSD hosting. They serve the hosting needs of some of the top organizations and offer a competitive pricing advantage too.

Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean is a global player with a datacenter location in India. It offers one of the best SSD hosting solutions and is also generous when it comes to data transfer. You can get data transferred for free in most cases. Even if the volume of data exchanged is large, you will have to pay a minimal charge.

CloudOYE is one the most reliable names when it comes to SSD cloud server hosting. They are known for their customized SSD server hosting services that are driven by the latest technologies and come with a high reliability factor. With CloudOYE, you can leverage comprehensive support for applications and enjoy a host of flexible network, storage and other resources. You can witness a perceptible change in efficiency as well.

A popular name in SSD cloud server hosting, BlueHost is a smart choice as it is easy to configure. The features are designed to improve the performance of your business. The SSDs are quite stable and hence ensures that data remains secure when you choose BlueHost as your service provider.

Go4hosting is a name that is synonymous with high reliability and solid performance. Their SSD hosting solution stands apart from others as it is easy to configure, has regular data backup features and comes with SSD caching. 99.95% uptime guarantee and unlimited bandwidth makes this provider a favorite of many companies.

DreamHost has been making inroads into the SSD cloud server hosting domain with their quality service and advanced technologies. The system works with most APIs and leading developer tools.

A2 Hosting:
Another popular cloud hosting service provider, A2 is fast gaining ground with professional quality support and leading edge technology in the SSD cloud server hosting area. You can get the best features at prices that won’t harm your budget.

Rackspace has a solid presence in the web hosting industry but is beginning to focus on SSD cloud server hosting service. There are many takers for their service that comes with good support and high uptime.

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