Top 10 Server Colocation Providers In India


A server colocation service, also known as colo, is a data center facility. This space is offered on rent to companies for safe-keeping of their servers and computing hardware systems. Generally, colocation services offer high level of security to the servers and related systems of customers. Colocation services are also associated with features such as bandwidth, cooling, redundant power supply and cooling systems. Some colocation services also provide managed services for supporting business initiatives of their customers.

You have to choose colocation services after careful consideration of all the above-mentioned factors and services. There are many server colocation services in India but not all of them operate with the same level of high efficiency. This list of the top 10 server colocation providers in India will make your job of choosing the right service for your organization easy and quick.



Equnix is one of the top colocation hosting providers and has a good performance track record achieved on the strength of Tier-1 Bandwidth and high security. Support levels are impressive too.



Go4hosting grabs the top spot in the top 10 server colocation providers in India rather effortlessly. The company scores impressively in the area of technology and management. The Tier III data centers are professionally managed and have proven to be extremely reliable. Highest uptime is guaranteed through SLAs by Go4hosting. Other key features associated with Go4hosting data center are 2N redundancy of key mechanical and electrical systems, multi-site global connectivity and carrier-neutral facilities. All services offered can be fully customized to match client requirements.


Reliance IDC:

Reliance is known for its impressive and sophisticated colocation services that come with redundant cooling, power and other related facilities to deliver an impressive server colocation experience.



This is the largest data center in Asia wich offers high infrastructure efficiency and is eco-friendly as well.



RackBank is a name synonymous with reliability and good customer service. It makes the top 10 cut on the strength of minimal latency and good connectivity achieved with its Tier-1 bandwidth. The network offered is stable and fairly reliable. Remote access and high security are other positives you can enjoy while using this server colocation service.



CloudOYE stands apart as a reliable and professionally managed server colocation service. The company operates from a huge area of 25,000 square feet. The systems are highly secure within their five zone security that includes latest devices and technologies. Proprietary network architecture and fully refined routing technologies delivers a fully reliable network system.



Net4 is one of the leading server colocation providers in India with data centers strategically located in top 7 Indian cities. All their datacenters have ISO 27001 certification and are fully protected. Service and support needs a little more attention.



A leading name in server colocation hosting in India, DialWebHosting is known for its superior service and flexibility. The service allows easy migration from on-premise model to hybrid IT infrastructure system and cost effectively too. With over a decade of experience in the industry, they are able to cater to the precise needs of clients through their scalable data centers.



ComputeHost is one of the most efficient server colocation services in India. It has the ability to deliver unmatched network uptime and seamlessly scalable infrastructure. ComputeHost has the capability and the experience to adapt to changing needs of businesses.



CloudOnGo has over 10 years of rich experience in providing secure and top quality colocation server hosting services. Many businesses have moved their servers to CloudOnGo primarily because of the zero upfront capital expenditure facility they offer. The backup systems and support levels are based on SLAs. Pricing is extremely competitive.


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