Top 10 Self-Managed VPS Hosting Providers In India

VPS hosting is ideal for companies on the growth curve and unable to meet their hosting needs with shared hosting and find dedicated hosting too advanced for their server hosting needs. You can choose from fully managed VPS hosting or self-managed VPS hosting which is another term for unmanaged VPS hosting.

In fully managed VPS hosting, you have access the resources available on your share of the server including CPU, storage space and RAM. The server host will take care of all aspects of running your server smoothly, saving you time and hassles associated with managing your website and resources.

In self-managed or unmanaged VPS hosting, the onus of handling server operations rests solely on you. You will be provided all the resources you need but you will responsible running, maintaining and securing the server. No support is provided by the host except ensuring that connectivity is available at all times.

Choosing the right self-managed VPS hosting is important to enjoy a smooth and trouble-free hosting experience. Here is a well-researched list of the top 10 self-managed VPS hosting service providers in India to help you make the best choice.


Go4hosting sits pretty at the top of the list as the best self-managed VPS hosting service in India. The reputed and well-established hosting service offers a host of features with its VPS hosting solutions. These include high quality and fast Xeon processors, robust cPanel, maximum uptime, low latency and round the clock support. The service comes with 99.95% SLA-backed uptime and premium bandwidth and network connectivity.


BlueHost has emerged as a reliable and affordable self-managed VPS hosting service in recent times. It offers customizable add-ons to give you great value for money. High uptime is assured with a host of other valuable features.


Easy to setup and use, the self-managed VPS hosting solutions from CtrlS is user-friendly, efficient and scalable. It is easy on your pocket too.


If you are looking for an affordable yet features-rich self-managed VPS hosting service, then CloudOYE is the best bet. The company has over 15 years of experience in providing impeccable server hosting solutions that are scalable yet cost-effective. Key features include high bandwidth, low latency interconnects and dedicated resources needed to run the server smoothly.

Hosting Raja:

VPS hosting solutions from Hosting Raja is popular among small and growing companies for features like fully redundant architecture, advanced technology, high level of security and assured performance on key fronts. There are many self-managed VPS hosting plans to choose from.


BigRock is a reliable name in VPS hosting in India and offers self-managed VPS hosting solutions at affordable prices to clients. You can get enterprise level storage, high performance benchmarks and more.


HostPapa offers 24/7/365 support with their economically-priced self-managed VPS hosting solutions that comes in a variety of plans. The service is ideal for small and medium businesses.


DialWebHosting makes the top 10 self-managed VPS hosting list on the strength of its continued high class performance. It is the preferred VPS hosting service of companies looking for quality server hosting solution at an affordable price. Self-managed VPS hosting solution comes with Tier III data center support, enterprise grade network architecture and hardware and stringent security. The service also offers smooth scalability and high reliability.


If you are capable of handling server management on your own, then this VPS hosting service is one you should consider using. Its low priced and has some great features too.

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