Top 10 Online Video Storage Service Providers in 2017

Have you umpteen videos? Running out of storage space for storing them safe? Don’t worry! Online storage (also called Cloud storage) is the solution that can facilitate you to store gigantic volume of videos. Online video storage not only enables you to access your stored videos from anywhere, anytime, but also makes hassle-free sharing of videos with your colleagues, friends, and family. It is the cheapest way to store data safely as you don’t need to buy expensive servers/hard drives or any networking equipment.

A recent study conducted by IBM, shows that businesses and individuals will continue the trend of cutting the need of expensive hardware and IT infrastructure for storage by storing files and applications online. To tap the ever growing need of online video storage, today you have the multitude of online video storage providers. This necessitates you to be extra vigilant while choosing an online video storage services provider. Make sure it offers you the maximum space for video storage, premium bandwidth at an affordable price without being compromising with the security of the data.

To help you choose the best service provider for online video storage, we have performed a comprehensive analysis of a number of online storage providers. Although it was a close competition amongst the providers, DataBaGG tops the list for “Top 10 Online Video Storage Service Provider in 2017” because of the very reasons it offers end-to-end encryption, amazing services, and 5 GB of free storage for lifetime.

Here’s the list of my top 10 online video storage services providers in 2017:

1. DataBaGG: The leading cloud services provider offers a whopping 5 GB of free storage space for clients to begin their journey with the online storage. DataBaGG custom-tailored storage solutions allow clients to collaborate on works as well proving each of the user ample space in a personal DataBaGG account.

Furthermore, DataBaGG has the most advanced feature for data recovery and file versioning. It’s pricing is another factor that brought it at the top of the list.

2. DropBox: DropBox comes at the second position in my list. Although it offers a meagre 2 GB of free storage, but it can be increased up to 16 GB by just linking DropBox to social media sites and friends to join the service.

3. Google Drive: Google Drive is the online storage service by search engine giant Google. It is an ideal choice for Android users since it is already integrated. The biggest advantage of Google Drive is that it offers a huge amount of free storage. But it too has some shortcomings, with not so user-friendly web interface being the main.

4. OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive): OneDrive is integrated into file explorer of Windows 10. You don’t need to download any extra application, it is already there to use out of the box that makes it extremely user-friendly for users who have switched to latest operating system of Microsoft.

5. IDrive: IDrive provides continuous syncing of your data even that on the network drives. The web interface helps sharing files by emails, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. One great feature that IDrive offers is that files once deleted accidently won’t be deleted automatically from the server thus making it more secure. It offers 5GB of free storage.

6. pCloud: There is no limit to the size of files to be uploaded. You can sync large video files with pCloud. It offers up to 20 GB of free storage.

Mega, SugarSync, Livedrive and Yandex are some other good online video storage service provider in 2017.

The Final Verdict

It becomes imperative to analyze your online video storage requirement and the budget prior to choosing the best online video storage service provider. If your requirement is not big, try to manage with the free storage space.

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