Top 10 Nginx Hosting Providers in India

Nginx, pronounced as Engine-X, is a HTTP reverse proxy hosting solution designed to boost server speed. The brainchild of Russian developer Igor Sysoev, this hosting solution is now popular among businesses as a wonderful alternative to Apache. It can be used on dedicated and virtual private server platforms. The key features of Nginx are high scalability and superior efficiency in management of increasing traffic. You can improve upload times as the open source web server can cache static content.

Nginx web server is preferred as it can scale up quickly to deal with sudden surges and assures fastest server speed. It can also run on a number of operating systems making the server highly flexible. Choose your Nginx hosting provider after doing extensive research to enjoy all the benefits of the system.

Here is the list of the top 10 Nginx hosting providers in India to help you make the right choice easily.


Go4hosting figures at the top of the 10 best Nginx hosting providers in India. This hosting services offers customized Nginx hosting solutions that can match your requirements. The service also comes with the highest level of security and guarantees solid performance as Go4hosting makes use of best hardware and original IT components. The 24/7 support offered is truly industry leading. Any technical issue that you might encounter is resolved quickly.


BlueHost is fast emerging as a leading name in server hosting services and offers high quality Nginx server hosting solution to businesses across all sectors. Small and medium sized businesses can experience better server hosting experience with BlueHost, thanks to their superior support and competitive pricing.


A clear winner when it comes to providing server hosting solutions, CloudOYE excels in Nginx server hosting. You can get the best service and support at the most competitive prices here. CloudOYE is also reputed for its advanced technologies and superior support. You can enjoy one of the best Nginx server hosting experiences with CloudOYE.


WebHostFace offers fast and efficient Nginx hosting service with the added advantage of high server load capability. The system can help you deal with unexpected spike in traffic. It is a very stable hosting service that you can trust to handle server operations smoothly.


DialWebHosting is a leading Nginx server hosting service which makes web server management easy for companies of all types and sizes. There are various types of hosting plans on offer from DialWebHosting. All you have to do is choose your plan and domain and start using the server hosting service.


HostingRaja is one of the fastest growing web hosting services in India. They provide Nginx hosting services that help clients achieve their hosting goals with ease and within their limited budget as the plans are competitively priced. The advanced infrastructure and technical expertise of Hosting Raja makes them a reliable hosting service partner.


iPage is a name that’s synonymous with quality Nginx hosting. The company provides you with all the tools you need for a stable and continuous online presence. The flexible and scalable service is economically priced too. Support is of average rating.


GoDaddy Nginx server hosting solutions come with user-friendly tools and resources. It is a trusted name in web hosting solutions in India today.


BigRock Nginx hosting can be used to deal with traffic of all kinds. The service ensures faster loading and gives you access to top features and resources for smooth server management and operations.


ComputeHost rates as one of the top 10 Nginx server hosting services as it is one of the most efficient server hosts in this domain. You can clearly notice a distinct difference in their quality of hosting service when compared to other players in the market. If Nginx hosting is what you are looking for, then ComputeHost can be a great choice.

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