Top 10 Managed VPS Hosting Providers in India

VPS hosting is a web hosting solution in which the user has access to a portion of a large server. The portion is equipped with a fixed value of resources and can be operated independently without affecting the operations of other clients on the main server. VPS managed hosting is a much sought-after hosting solution as in this type of hosting, the server host is responsible for all key aspects of hosting operations.

To make best use of the various features of managed VPS hosting service, you must choose a reputed and reliable server host. This list of the top 10 managed VPS hosting services in India can make your task easy.


Managed VPS hosting from CloudOYE is one of the best available in India right now. The company offers high quality hosting solutions at affordable prices. The key benefits of using CloudOYE managed VPS hosting service are high bandwidth, faster root access and low latency interconnects. The company has a proactive server management policy which ensures seamless performance. Professional quality technical support is also available round the clock.


With its cutting-edge VPS servers and rock-solid support, Go4hosting is racing ahead to industry leadership in the managed VPS hosting niche. Key differentiating aspects of their service are compute on demand, 24/7/365 assistance and advanced security measures. The service guarantees superior loading speeds and 99.95% network availability and high performance bandwidth. You can be sure of running your business operations smoothly with Go4hosting managed VPS hosting solutions.


A reliable, established and affordable managed VPS hosting with a proven track record. That’s what DialWebHosting represents. You can enjoy a host of features designed to ensure smoothest web management when you choose managed VPS hosting from DialWebHosting. They have sophisticated Tier III data centers at strategic locations to ensure smooth operations.

Host Raja:

Host Raja ranks high on the list of top 10 VPS hosting services in India. Their managed VPS hosting solutions are in demand for features like high storage and bandwidth and highly optimized virtual machines. The service comes with 99% uptime guarantee and round the clock support.

Blue Host:

Blue Host is a proven name in web hosting solutions and has an impressive client base. They stand apart for their managed VPS hosting which is build ground up using cloud technology. The managed support takes care of network and hardware issues and deployment. You can expect a smooth ride at all times.

Big Rock:

Big Rock stands true to its name and offers solid rock like support to clients using their managed VPS hosting services in India. The fully managed VPS option comes with high uptime guarantee and enterprise level storage. The robust infrastructure and quality support ensures minimum downtime and high availability.


A fast-growing web server hosting service, ZNetLive is preferred for its efficient VPS hosting solutions. The managed VPS hosting service from this leading Indian firm comes with powerful resources backed by latest hardware and technologies. There are a few free value added services thrown in as well.


A proven name in web hosting in India, HostGator has a nice line up of clients comprising of small and medium sized enterprises. Their managed VPS hosting service is preferred for flexible software options and cutting-edge hardware.


HostITSmart is a prominent name in VPS hosting. If you choose their managed VPS hosting service, you can expect high value features such as 2GB guaranteed RAM and 2 TB bandwidth. The network speed is also impressive.


GoDaddy is a reliable VPS hosting service with many years of experience in the industry. Businesses prefer managed VPS hosting service from GoDaddy for highly customizable solutions and guaranteed availability. There are many affordable VPS hosting plans available from the company.

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