Top 10 IPv6 Hosting Providers

Top 10 IPv6 Hosting Providers

IPv6 is a communications protocol designed to offer a location and identification system for computers that steer traffic through the web. It is the latest version of the Internet Protocol designed to deal with problems of IPv4 addresses depletion. IPv6 does not change the way your website works. Only the IP address gets changed to a different protocol. The growing popularity of IPv6 has resulted in more providers offering this service. However, they are all not providing the same level of quality and efficiency. That’s why you must choose the right IPv6 hosting provider.

This meticulously researched list of the top 10 IPv6 hosting providers in India will help you cut short your search and assist you in finding a provider best suited for your hosting requirements.


DialWebHosting has emerged as one of the top-ranked IPv6 hosting platforms with features such as high availability and network uptime. You can enjoy advantages like user-friendly control panels, easy setup and deployment, scalable set of resources, 24/7 monitoring and management of servers and dedicated IPv6 support at all times. The billing structure is transparent and affordable to most users.


Go4hosting is a clear leader when it comes to IPv6 hosting. Their infrastructure as a service comes with a range of powerful options for private cloud computing and hybrid cloud computing. Go4hosting has been providing dedicated hosting services for companies for long and have the experience and infrastructure to deliver results that matter.


Rackspace has completed the IPv6 overhaul and made the transition. The company has in its repertoire the entire range of cloud services including public clouds, content delivery and storage. They have a great reputation in the industry as a reliable cloud hosting service.

Tata Communications

Tata Communications is a clear leader in the field of IPv6 services and offers a series of solutions in the cloud for the benefit of customers. Their unrivaled expertise in this domain and the availability of a fully trained and knowledgeable support team helps them deliver cloud solutions that wok for all types of businesses and environment.


DreamHost is one of the most efficient and affordable IPv6 hosting solutions providers in India and capable of delivering cloud computing plans that are perfect for your business situation. Currently, they are providing IPv6 support for shared hosting and for private servers. There are a number of affordable plans to choose from.

Digital Ocean:

Digital Ocean ranks high among the leading IPv6 hosting services by virtue of their powerful hosting solutions and affordable pricing. Clients can avail of the entire range of cloud computing services available including colocation, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting services. Support is available round the clock through a dedicated team of IT experts.


CloudOYE is a leading provider of a range of high quality cloud services that can be directly accessed with IPv6. Their high performance servers are powered by original and branded hardware. They will be offering more cloud services with IPv6 in the near future. CloudOYE stands apart from other providers because of their quality of service, superior technology and 24/7 support.


ComputeHost is fast emerging as a leading IPv6 hosting service. You can have a compelling online presence with their IPv6 hosting solutions that are available in a variety of packages. This service is ideal for small companies with a limited budget.


HP is a reputed name in the field of cloud computing and offer a range of cloud services with the facility to make a transition to IPv6. You can choose from various hosting options like public, private and hybrid cloud hosting.


BlueHost cloud hosting service stands apart because of their powerful yet affordable cloud hosting solutions that can be customized to match specific business demands.

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