Top 10 Hybrid Cloud Providers In India

Hybrid cloud combines the key features of public and private cloud and is recommended for those who prefer keeping their confidential and critical business data separate from other less important information and documents. The former can be kept secured in the private cloud while the latter can be kept in the public cloud.

Hybrid cloud comes with important features like scalability, flexibility and security of a fairly high order. It is also a cost-effective way of ensuring that your data remains fully protected at all times. You can enjoy the best features of both on and off-premise cloud solutions. The tools available with the best hybrid cloud system can be used for efficient management and monitoring of data. Hybrid cloud is fast-becoming the preferred solution for many organizations as it offers the much-desired features like security, control, reliability and flexibility that they need for better management of data and operations.

The top 10 hybrid cloud hosting providers in India are:

Go4hosting tops the list because of their unmatched experience in this domain and the powerful features offered with their hybrid hosting plans. The robust and secured cloud hosting solution is highly scalable and a definite money saver. With Go4hosting, you remain in full control of your cloud environment and activity. Specific applications or processes that are not of critical importance can be easily offloaded to the public cloud hosting system. You can enjoy performance of the highest level. Security and control remains consistently in your hands.

ComputeHost is one of the top names in hybrid cloud hosting. It offers data center facilities that are cloud resistant and the best server monitoring and tracking tools available. You can also use their round the clock support for a wonderful business management experience. The flexible billing structure is based on actual usage. The security measures are truly stringent.

DialWebHosting is an established name in cloud hosting. The hybrid cloud hosting solutions from this leading provider is acknowledged as one of the best available as it comes with features like regular audits and assessments, greater scalability, N+1 data centers, automatic updates and reliable cloud architecture.

CloudOYE is a leading name in hybrid cloud hosting and preferred by leading businesses for the amazing duel benefits it offers. The highly secure IT infrastructure they offer helps address the unique needs of your business while the cutting-edge hybrid hosting solutions come with features needed to deliver a great experience. You can enjoy highly scalable cloud architecture, seamless business connectivity and the best monitoring and maintenance tools for uninterrupted business experience.

This multi-featured cloud hosting service is one of the cheapest available with no compromise on quality of features. Web-based control gives you seamless access while the flexibility and scalability features are among the best.

Rackspace is known for its superior infrastructure, dedicated database and application servers. Their hybrid cloud solution comes with VPN bursting and dedicated load balancing. Pricing is competitive but support is suspect at times.

HostGator makes the top top 10 hybrid cloud hosting providers list by virtue of its consistently efficient and reliable hybrid cloud hosting solution. The technical support offered is also exceptionally good.

iPage is a hybrid hosting service that offers high reliability, security and quality support. The pricing is also competitive. There are many plans to choose from.

Equinix offers scalable hybrid cloud hosting services that guarantee high performance at prices that are well within your budget. Reliability and high security are the other plus points.

DataDirect is one of the fastest growing hybrid cloud hosting companies and preferred by organizations for its immense scalability and customizable solutions.

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