Top 10 Hadoop As A Service Provider in India

Hadoop As a Service (HaaS) is said to be giving tough competition to cloud services, especially when Big Data has become the norm of business. They say, HaaS offers scalability, reliability, and at the same time distributed computing features. These features help businesses to store as well as analyse set of data that are mainly semi-structure as well as unstructured. The main advantage of Hadoop is that it works on distributed data, where such computation not only prevents unwanted traffic but also network overhead. Hadoop, essentially, fosters data-intensive applications in a prudent manner. These apps run on large grids and clusters that ultimately help in supporting a business’s core activities. Reports estimate that the market of Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) will expand to a massive $16.1 billion by the year 2020 on a global scale. If this forecast market value is reached then the CAGR growth rate from 2014 to 2020 will be 70.8 per cent. In the simplest possible way, HaaS can be defined as the dual work of virtual storage as well as data analysis on cloud. That’s why HaaS is also popularly called Hadoop on cloud. Hadoop-as-a-Service market is still evolving and is successfully catering to the needs of social media companies, SaaS providers, gaming companies are its most ardent users and customers.

The list of top 10 Hadoop as a service provider is given below –

1. Amazon EMR
It provides Hadoop framework, making it easier, faster, and at the same time more cost effective for processing huge data throughout the dynamically scalable Amazon EC2 instances. Other distributed frameworks like Flink, Presto, HBase, and Apache Spark can be run in Amazon EMR. In fact, interaction can be done with data that are stored in other AWS data stores including Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3. In a reliable and secured manner, wide array of big data set is handled by Amazon EMR, which includes data transformations, web indexing, log analysis, financial analysis, machine learning, bioinformatics, and scientific simulation.

2. Go4hosting
No matter which vertical your business belongs to, you will get bespoke HaaS facility. Go4hosting’s HaaS service provides fully-resilient data centers throughout the globe, at multiple geographical locations. Hadoop experts of Go4hosting provide 24×7 provide users with framework deployment support as well as monitoring.

3. CloudOYE
CloudOYE has already become a renowned name among SMEs because of its affordable cloud and other hosting services. Just like many other leading HaaS service providers, CloudOYE comes with round-the-clock responsive support facility, instant processing of order in a secured manner, and many more. It has industry best accreditations in its kitty and has been offering hosting solutions for over 15 years now. They have till now over two thousand satisfied customers.

4. ComputeHost
This is yet another renowned name in the hosting world as well as in case of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). To offer the best services to its HaaS clients, ComputeHost has employed technicians, managers, and data scientists.

5. Microsoft Azure HDInsight
They provide pay-as-you-go for Hadoop-based big data batch processing services, which are highly cost effective. Installing it and then configuring it on premises is not at all a problem. Hadoop cluster in HDInsight can be removed whenever needed.

6. IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop
IBM BigInsights makes a combination of Hadoop (a 100 per cent open source) with Spark. The combination helps in analysing and managing big data. Its benefits include flexibility, ROI improvement, and greater power of adaptability.

7. EMC Greenplum Pivotal HD
It combines the strengths of both Hadoop as well as SQL. PivotalHD is the new Hadoop distribution that comes with SQL MPP database, which runs on HDFS. This will reportedly make the data transfer, to the extent of 5 times than Hive.

8. Dell Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solutions for Big Data
If you are looking for end-to-end Hadoop solutions, Dell Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solutions for Big Data will be the perfect fit. Benefits include deployment of big data cluster deployments, usage of SQL interacting with your data, et al.

9. Hortonworks Data Platform
Whether the data is at rest or in motion, this service provides you with connected data suite family of solutions. In fact, businesses can secure enterprise data lake and deliver the analytics.

10. MapR Hadoop Distribution
Apache Hadoop software package by MapR Hadoop Distribution helps in distribution of storage and at the same time processing commodity hardware.

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