Top 10 Ethereum Mining Pools

When you must mine Ethers, you can consider joining an Ethereum mining pool where multiple miners will work in unison. You must understand that a mining pool will not only be limited to mining Ether; it can mine various other crypto coins too. So, by joining a mining pool, miners can guarantee that their returns are stabilized and certain. Once you have got the appropriate mining hardware your next task is to join a mining pool. When you find yourself a reliable and reputed mining pool, you can be sure of getting higher payouts.

While joining a mining pool in order to min Ether may be a lucrative option, it requires a lot of time and will be a power-consuming process. When you cannot spare time for Ethereum mining, you may as well simply buy the Ethereum. Along with the mining pool and Ethereum hardware, what you will require are Ethereum software and an Ethereum wallet.

Top 10 Ethereum Mining Pools:

1. Ethpool/Ethermine: These two may be distinct from one another but they belong to one mining pool. They both make way for about 25% of networking hash power. The fees are 0% and payouts will be done on getting 10 confirmations.

2. F2pool: This happens to be the second largest mining pool for Ethereum and you may even mine Bitcoins here. But, the flipside of this Ethereum mining pool is that the site is in Chinese. The pool is nevertheless very large because of the growing demands amongst Asians for cryptocurrencies. It will charge a 3% payment for every share.

3. Nanopool: This Ethereum mining pool has nearly 40,000 miners. It contributes to about 15% of the network hash rate. This pool uses the PPLNS technique for calculating payments which is similar to that of Ethermine. The payouts are also made multiple times in a day. Nanopool owns servers located in America, Asia and Europe and lets the miners mine using Ethereum Classic that is different from conventional Ethereum currency.

4. Miningpoolhub: This contributes to about 7.6% of network has rate and rewards calculated are based upon transaction fees, block finding fees, incentives and uncle rewards. This Ethereum mining pool owns servers in many continents like Asia, Europe and North America so that there is a high degree of redundancy.

5. Dwarfpool: This is also a top-tier mining pool for Ethereum mining. This mining pool uses the RBPPS technique for calculating payments. This refers to the round-based pay per share method of payment and auto-payouts are performed every hour. This can guarantee a 100% uptime because of a decentralized infrastructure. It contributes to about 13% of the total hash rate.

6. Hashgains: This mining pool is both transparent and reliable. It will charge users 1% mining fees and miners receive payouts twice every day for the balances which are more than 0.5ETH.

7. This mining pool will also charge 1% fees and you may arrange payouts depending on your preferences, whether you want manual or auto payouts.

8. Coinotron: Here solo mining cannot be conducted and only the big miners which have many ASIC cards can generate blocks in a day. The average miner will have to wait for many days in order to find blocks; so mining pools like Coinotron work well.

For every block that gets created, a large number of coins are received and these are then split amongst the miners proportionate to the work delivered. The coins are distributed through different rewards distribution methods like RBPPS, PPLNS and PPS. The Coinotron is popular as an Ethereum mining pool because it offers stable payouts always; makes security a priority, offers dual-factor authentication, has secure servers which have DDoS protection etc. The site is well guarded against dictionary attacks and there are auto payouts every 120 minutes.

9. Hitchpool: This is a recent Ethereum mining pool that offers stratum protocol support. It does not need any registration and it currently offers 0% promotional fees. When blocks are found, rewards get distributed amongst all the workers in proportion to the number of shares each of these workers has discovered. Payouts are delivered at any time and the servers are in Europe and US.

10. MyEtherPool: This is also an Ethereum mining pool which has 1% fees and you can receive a 1ETH payout every two hours.

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