Top 10 ERP Hosting Providers In India

With companies looking at various options for reducing costs of managing ERP systems, the demand for ERP in the cloud has been gaining momentum. The software can not only improve deployment times but also make customization of software easy to meet the unique needs of any organization. Cloud-based ERP systems are different from the conventional ERP systems as they are installed on third-party servers and delivered through a cloud computing arrangement. Generally, ordinary ERPs are hosted on servers and hardware in-house, within the premises of the organization.

You can choose on-premise or cloud-based ERP solutions. The former is generally preferred as companies can leverage existing systems and are in a better position to deal with any compliance issues. With cloud-based ERP hosting, the key benefits are low initial cost, easy and quick deployment and easy management. The system allows easy scaling and updates are also provided by the hosting service.

Choosing the best ERP hosting provider for your business can help you enjoy the entire range of benefits. This list of the top 10 ERP hosting providers in India can ease your confusion and help you make the best decision.


InMotion is a reputed and reliable name when it comes to server hosting. You can choose from their various plans to match your needs.


With a reliable and established hosting service like HostGator, you can be sure of getting the best value for your money.


Go4hosting stands apart as the best ERP hosting service. Their solutions include Odoo, OrangeHRM, Dolibarr, WebERP, and FrontAccounting among others. You can expect fastest page loading speeds. Superior performance is assured as Go4hosting makes use of the best available software on enterprise class servers to deliver rock-solid performance.


Ricoh ERP software is designed to integrate various types of data resources and organizational processes into one, convenient system that can be easily managed. The system comes with a common database and a modular software design. The pricing is competitive too.


Robosoft ERP hosting solutions are developed and designed to cater to businesses of all types. You can utilize their state of the art environment to enjoy exceptionally efficient ERP hosting solutions at an affordable price. You can reap the whole range of benefits associated with ERP hosting.


A leading name in ERP hosting services, AllianceTek offers world class ERP solutions that are easy to install, manage and use. End to end ERP solutions are available according to the specific hosting needs of organizations.


The track record of CloudOYE in providing high quality ERP offerings to companies of all types is impeccable. The cloud-powered ERP solutions from CloudOYE maintain N+1 resiliency. Businesses can sign up for their ERP service and enjoy gain a faster growth rate by using their advanced technologies.


iPage offers high quality ERP hosting solutions that can help your business move ahead of competitors. The robust features and competitive pricing makes iPage a hosting service worth considering.


Fast and reliable hosting with excellent support and high performance guarantee are the key aspects of ERP hosting from WebHost.


One of the top-ranked ERP hosting providers, DialWebHosting delivers a wonderful user experience at a competitive price. The service is powered by unique strategies, powerful technologies, and incomparable network architecture. With DialWebHosting ERP solutions, you can take your performance to a higher level without effort.

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