Top 10 Enterprise Data Security Provider

Availability of uptime guarantee, high performance software, premium bandwidth, and branded hardware are some of the parameters of proven hosting service providers. However, when hunting for the right hosting option, businesses must pay special attention to availability of end to end enterprise class security for safeguarding sensitive business data.

Data security has assumed greater significance in the wake of frequent data breach events and growing popularity of cloud solutions. Cloud adoption has also underlined need to make sure that hosting service providers are implementing best practices to secure online data assets. In the following section, we are providing list of ten top providers of enterprise data security to help you select the right hosting partner.

Rackspace has put in place state of the art security measures comprising of robust physical as well as network protection systems. Customers are offered on demand SSL integration facilities as well as seamless resource upgrades. Rackspace guarantees enterprise class inspection firewalls with rigid security controls.

The performance oriented data center environment of ZEDNETLIVE data center is backed by scalability and security of business applications. The major security highlights include round the clock firewall protection, network vulnerability management, and state of the art intrusion detection systems to name a few.

Go4hosting is a strongly recommended host for companies that are looking to gain robust data security backed by an exclusive single IP hosting for added security. Go4hosing has established the position of leadership in Indian web hosting category and has been a trusted provider of colocation, cloud, and VPS hosting to name just a few. Data center infrastructure of Go4hosting is deployed within a strong inspection firewall that provides unwavering protection from spamming and DDoS threats.

OVH has been regarded as a trusted service provider of internet hosting solutions across the globe. In addition to its high security data centers the security measures include anti-DDoS protection, data confidentiality, network security, and server security among others. OVH maintains high availability and integrity of data by implementing an array of best practices.

Armed with exclusive ownership of multiple data centers across Asia, US, and Europe A2 Hosting has been able to provide seamless security features to enterprise clients. Security key systems are installed not only at gated parking lot but also while entering data center premises, or accessing locked server racks.

Enterprise data security provisions by Hostgator are aimed at business continuity with help of redundant networking and power availability. Hostgator has ensured seamless protection to servers as well as offered various tools for protection of functionality and availability of websites.

GoDaddy is proud of its award winning systems and round the clock availability of security team that monitors and manages various operations to gain robust control on hacking or DDoS attempts. Users can also avail paid services for data backup and data restoration.

Holistic approach to security by BIGROCK involves data integrity, data privacy, and data protection in addition to network protection. It employs stringent mechanism for identification and authentication to eliminate scope for unauthorized access to clients’ digital assets. BIGROCK believes in identifying and defining threats before designing strategies to ward off the risks.

All hosting packages offered by 1&1 are backed by Symantec SSL certificates for reliable protection of enterprise websites. It also offers excellent protection against hacking attempts with help of various anti DDoS measures. All data centers have been accorded ISO 27001:2013 certification and are rated to be the most secure premises among top hosting organizations.

Webhosting Hub
Webhosting Hub strongly focuses on enterprise data security for protecting the mission critical websites from identity thieves as well as cyber criminals that are out to inflict damage to the data and cause widespread disruption. The security measures followed at Webhosting Hub are designed to mitigate downtime and promote business availability.

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