Top 10 Ecommerce Hosting Providers

The demand for ecommerce hosting has grown in geometric proportions over the last few years. With businesses of all types and sizes aiming for a slice of the online market and trying out various ways of reaching out to their online customers, there is a clear and visible rise in demand for ecommerce hosting services. Companies aiming to go online with their products and services prefer using the services of an ecommerce hosting service with a reliable infrastructure and powerful hosting tools that makes it easy for them to manage their business online smoothly and seamlessly.

As there are numerous ecommerce hosting services trying to sell their brand of hosting to you, making the best choice may not be all that easy. This list of top 10 ecommerce hosting services can help you cut short the time needed to make the perfect choice.


Rackspace makes the top 10 grade on account of its high availability, superior security and superfast CDN networks. They have many years of ecommerce web hosting experience.


Go4hosting, the most reliable and trusted web hosting service is also the most popular ecommerce hosting provider for organizations of all types and sizes. Go4hosting stands from others on account of their unique features like high reliability and easy availability. The security aspect is also much superior when compared to other established ecommerce hosting services. All this comes at a price that won’t hurt your budget.

Hosting Raja:

This service comes as a ecommerce ready solution and is preferred by businesses as it is user-friendly, reliable and hassle-free. The service comes with high uptime guarantee.


CloudOYE has everything that a company wants to launch an online ecommerce website successfully. The cloud servers are fully scalable and are easy to setup and launch. Your website can be up and running in minutes literally. The high security that CloudOYE offers is one of the key reasons why it is the first choice of many online businesses as their preferred ecommerce hosting service. You can enjoy much-needed features for an ecommerce business like dedicated disk space, high bandwidth and guaranteed uptime.


BigRock offers a fairly reliable and features-rich ecommerce hosting service that serves the hosting needs of small and medium ecommerce websites efficiently. Users can choose and deploy ZenCart, OScommerce and other shopping cart platforms with ease.


DialWebHosting is another top-ranked ecommerce hosting service In India with a large and growing following. Their quality of service is among the best in the industry and is supported by the latest software, robust and branded hardware and proven features. The support offered is of the highest class and is available 24/7/365.


ComputeHost has had a good run over the past few years as it has consolidated its position as the leading ecommerce hosting service. Clients can enjoy unmatched performance of ecommerce applications as ComputeHost guarantees 99.95 per cent network uptime. The company has sophisticated data center facilities which ensure a steady and seamless performance. Their track record of providing reliable hosting services is unrivaled.


BigRock offers a host of benefits to clients using their ecommerce hosting platform. The service is low-priced and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Bluehost is a cloud hosting solution that has been powering many ecommerce websites with a great deal of efficiency. This pocket-friendly ecommerce hosting service is powered by WHM, cPanel and Plesk.


InMotion ecommerce hosting comes with twin domain hosting option and offers a fairly impressive bouquet of features.

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