Top 10 Disaster Recovery Companies in India

Disaster recovery refers to a process by which clients can make contingency plans to prepare for disruptive events like power failure or natural calamities or equipment malfunctions or cyber attacks that can affect data. So the disaster recovery process is extremely crucial for any business and deals with security plans for events which are likely to put client data at risk.

These are some of the top disaster recovery companies in India:

1. CloudOYE: CloudOYE ranks as one of the top disaster recovery solutions provider in India as it is equipped to explore the risk levels and can develop strategies to mitigate these. It creates robust plans to ensure that there is business continuity and carries out step-by-step planning of the test procedures. It will also analyze the results of the tests so conducted to come up with the best strategies.

2. Ctrls: Ctrls has always been known for its excellent hosting solutions and its secure and reliable servers. It is possible to scale the resources up and down according to your demands. You can count on their tech supports for any technical problem. It caters to more than a million satisfied clients and their teams work 24×7 to satisfy client expectations. Their top-notch infrastructure allows them to offer disaster recovery services.

3. Dreamhost: This web hosting provider also offers excellent support to its clients and its plans have attractive prices. It has two decades of experience and is preferred by bloggers, web designers and web developers. They protect right to privacy and deploy stringent security measures.

4. ComputeHost: ComputeHost has a well-documented DR plan regardless of how big or small your business may be. This helps to ensure business continuity and prevents loss of critical data. The DR plan comprises of many procedures to enable businesses to recover when they have been disrupted because of man-induced or nature-induced calamities. The cloud-powered DR offers advantages by keeping the critical IT resources within offsite facilities.

5. Bluehost: Bluehost is also known for offering DR solutions and guaranteeing a high uptime to clients. It offers a robust infrastructure and a dedicated support team which can troubleshoot technical issues and protect data.

6. Go4hosting: Go4hosting is another leading web hosting solutions provider which specializes in providing disaster recovery solutions to its clients. It guarantees fast server deployments, round-the-clock tech supports, premium bandwidth, dedicated firewalls, excellent disaster recovery and backup facilities for boosting site availability. Their data center DR plan allows businesses to continue their growth without worrying for data losses because of disruptive events. A well-designed DR plan reduces losses for the client and prevents business reputation from getting tarnished.

7. GoDaddy: GoDaddy caters to more than 17 million clients and manages about 71 domains. Its plans are affordable and offer many exciting features to guarantee a great hosting experience.

8. A2Hosting: A2Hosting is also known for being a DR solutions provider in India and offers a range of quality managed and unmanaged hosting options. Whether you own a blog or a business site, you can depend on their hosting solutions.

9. InMotion Hosting: InMotion Hosting is supported by fully-redundant N+1 data centers which the clients can completely depend upon. They have 4 Tier I ISP providers and even if something catastrophic occurs, there are provisions for multiple backups to ensure that data flow is not disrupted.

10. Hostgator: Hostgator is also popular for its affordable and effective hosting solutions and disaster recovery provisions. Security is of utmost importance and you can count on their support 24×7.

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