Top 10 Dedicated Server Rental Providers in India

More and more individuals and SMEs are exploring the option of renting a dedicated server for their business, instead of owning. Many hosting experts are of the opinion that this is a better option as it provides greater flexibility as they can migrate to a more powerful server from a basic one, as and when their business needs.

The best approach to renting a dedicated server is to first identify your hosting needs and the resources your business requires to meet your goals. You will also have to define your budget and technical support requirements to be able to make the best choice of a dedicated server rental provider.

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Go4hosting dedicated rental server is the first choice of businesses looking for quality rental servers for hire on a monthly basis. You can not only be sure of using the best dedicated server solution but can also benefit from the discounts and concessions that the company offers from time to time. The rented servers can be customized and configured to meet your business specifications. You can even preload the server with various types of platforms.


BlueHost is another leading favorite of organizations that prefer using dedicated servers on a rental basis. Their dedicated servers are known for superior speed and powerful technologies. Their team of specialists is known for building customized and configured servers in the quickest possible time. You can get a good deal on the pricing front too.


HostGator dedicated servers are ideal for businesses looking for reliable hosting solutions at affordable prices. The dedicated servers can be rented even for large businesses and workloads of high intensity. You can order them in pre-configured hardware specifications. The servers provide high flexibility and reliability and consistent high performance.


CloudOYE offers dedicated rental server solutions to startups and businesses that have a growing traffic requirement and are poised for growth. CloudOYE understands your business needs better and offers dedicated server systems that can be scaled to meet the changing needs of your business. The rental servers have all the features of a regular dedicated server and come with full support as well.


DataBaGG is one of the leading online storage services for storing all your critical data in the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere. The service comes with many business-friendly features that can put you in full control of all your data. Their services are backed by an efficient team of experts handling the customer support area. You can surely find a competitively priced hosting rental package that can serve your needs within your budget.


SiteGround offers their dedicated server hosting rental service to all businesses that prefer renting servers to buying them outright. You can get all the resources you need and even get their premium features on a rented basis. The service is associated with good speed and premium backup. The customer support is above average and you can get good value for money with their competitive pricing.

A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting is a reliable and reputed name in dedicated server hosting and is also a hot favorite of organizations looking for dedicated rental server hosting. The hosting service boasts of blazing fast service through their super-efficient servers. Your site can get a major boost with the super efficiency of the dedicated servers and its powerful tools and features. A round the clock and friendly support ensure that there is minimal downtime. A2 Hosting offers a high uptime commitment and their plans are also priced affordably to fit all types of budgets.


ComputeHost ranks among the top 10 dedicated server rental hosting services. The company has hosted over a million websites to date and is easily a popular choice of businesses looking for a reliable hosting platform. You can choose their server rental offers to manage your website without committing to a long term plan. ComputeHost also scores high in the areas of faster loading times and network monitoring. Their customer support is also one of the best in the industry and is available 24/7 on all days of the year.


Dedicated hosting service from CtrlS is in demand among entrepreneurs and organizations looking for rental hosting that come without any encumbrances of regular hosting. CtrlS allows you to choose the software and hardware you need, even if you are using a rented server. You can install the OS of your choice and also decide on the apps stack you need to manage your business smoothly. With their unrivaled experienced and competitive pricing, you don’t have to look anywhere else while choosing dedicated server rented hosting.


DreamHost is a dedicate server hosting service with a difference as they guarantee 100% uptime on their hosting plans. If you want a dedicated server hosting service on a rental basis, then you can definitely try this out. You are unlikely to be disappointed.

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