Top 10 Dedicated Server Providers In India

When shared and virtual private server systems are unable to cope with the growing demands and challenges of your business anymore, it is a clear sign that you have to make a transition to something bigger and better. The best alternative in such situations is dedicated server hosting. It puts you in full control of server operations and gives you unrestricted access to all the resources available on the dedicated server.

Choosing the right dedicated server hosting service is vital to enjoy the whole range of benefits that it brings to your business. You can peruse this list of top 10 dedicated server providers in India to make the best choice.



Go4hosting is a big name in server hosting and has been around since 2000, rendering a near flawless website hosting experience to customers. When you choose Go4hosting as your dedicated server host, your website will perform at optimal levels on all key parameters as it operates within a server setup that’s fully configurable. The setup process is quick and hassle-free. The pay as you go billing option means that you only have to pay for the resources you use.



CloudOYE is a name that has been consistently making the top 10 list on many forums and blogs. It offers high value dedicated server hosting features that include Tier III data centers, SLA backed network availability and best quality hardware and other components associated with IT. CloudOYE offers unfailing power systems and backups. Seamless performance is guaranteed with the 24/7 technical support offered by a dedicated team.



InMotion ranks fairly high among companies offering dedicated server hosting solutions. They offer powerful dedicated servers designed to meet the challenges of any business. The servers can meet the hosting needs of websites of any traffic demands. A key benefit is the free setup and testing by the company’s managed hosting team.



BlueHost stands apart as it makes use of open source technology to provide subscribers high flexibility in using their dedicated server. When you sign up, you can expect immediate activation of your dedicated server account. You can also get other facilities like storage upgrades and root access that puts you in full control of your server and operations.



ComputeHost is a leading dedicated server hosting service offering features that can be easily tailored to match the unique demands of your business. Designed to meet the hosting needs of industries across diverse verticals, ComputeHost offers dedicated servers that are performance driven. The performance level of websites remains steadfastly consistent thanks to the use of best brands of hardware and IT components. They provide every dedicated account holder a team of expert IT professionals to keep your site running smoothly at all times.



DialWebHosting is a reliable and established name when it comes to website and applications hosting. The company specializes in dedicated server hosting and offers customizable hosting solutions congruent to your business needs. Some of the key benefits that you can enjoy with DialWebHosting include superior technology, customizable features and round the clock dedicated support. Their data centers are powered by latest infrastructure facilities. Round the clock security and affordable pricing makes this option a much-desired one.



A company that has a good reputation among clients, their dedicated server hosting service is a good choice if you are looking for a dedicated server with high security features. The server is designed for easy management of operating system and applications. Support is not prompt but good performance can help deal with the issue.



Another key player in the web hosting business, CloudOnGo offers subscribers superior website performance, further reinforced by presence of numerous machines. Unlimited storage space, high flexibility and greater scalability make this server host one of the top dedicated server hosting providers in India. The best dedicated hosting features can be yours at a very competitive price.


Rackback is the go-to place for low-priced dedicated servers as the company claims to offer them real cheap. They offer high network uptime and 24/7 tech support. It is ideal for companies operating on a limited budget.


CtrlS has the largest Tier IV data center in Asian and offers server systems known for quick provision and high flexibility. The company offers redundant power, cooling and connectivity with their dedicated hosting solutions.

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