Top 10 Database Hosting Providers

Top 10 Database Hosting Providers

Database web hosting is recommended for those wanting to store huge quantity of information in the form of video, audio and many others. The most popular database systems available today are MS SQL server, MYSQL, Oracle and MS Access. MS SQL and MYSQL databases are ideal for websites dealing with high traffic.  The comparatively less powerful MS Access database is recommended for low traffic websites. Most of the web hosting providers offer MYSQL database today because of its raging popularity. Choosing the right database hosting service, specializing in MySQL databases and others is important to get the kind of results you desire.

This list of the top 10 database hosting services can help you make the right choice easily.


Go4hosting offers user-friendly and performance oriented database hosting solutions that comes with an assurance of high reliability and allows quick monitoring. The service comes with visual and programmatic access to a number of key metrics like memory, disk storage and CPU, network. They also offer hosting plans with database-specific measures for MySQL.


JustHost is a popular hosting service that makes it to the top 10 database hosting list because of features like unlimited MySQL databases, support for many critical files, and others. It is also one of the most competitively priced database hosting solutions.


With a robust and powerful database hosting environment and features that guarantee ease of use and high performance, EasyCGI has been able to capture a substantial chunk of the pie when it comes to database hosting market. It gives free access to key database solutions to ensure your website is running at optimal capability.


HostGator is another popular database hosting service with a growing fan-following. It is the ideal choice for hosting PHP and database websites. You can get unlimited MySQL databases here.


CloudOYE database server hosting plans are designed to boost improve performance and optimize and synchronize your database to meet your business needs. With CloudOYE database hosting solutions, there is no risk of space paucity and your application can run fast. The service also ensures that your database stays redundant. Flawless running of database is guaranteed with the features-rich hardware. Safe and timely replication of database over optimized bandwidth is assured.


ComputeHost is one of the top-ranked database hosting services with a reputation of delivering technologically superior hosting solutions at affordable prices. This redundant, robust and flexible cloud hosting platform ensures fast and easy provisioning and offers redundant storage.


MyHosting ranks among the top database web hosting providers and is popular for their superior Linux and windows web hosting services. The service comes with free MySQL databases, PostgreSQL databases and more.


A name that’s gaining popularity and reputation rapidly is GreenGeek, the green database hosting service with the ability to tailor hosting solutions that precisely match your needs.


With its affordable and features-rich database hosting solutions, DreamHost is a deserving addition to the top 10 list. There are a number of flexible hosting plans on offer.


DialWebHosting is one of the top database hosting services. The added benefit is that it is in the cloud. You can host your database in their cloud framework effortlessly and also configure replication and backups to protect your data. Your database can be made available to a larger extent by enabling automatic failover. DialWebHosting database hosting solutions can automate all your backups and updates. Other key benefits are lower cost, higher scalability, superior security and reliability.


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