Top 10 Data Center Providers of Retail and Wholesale Colocation Services

Selection of a colocation data center is a complex task as it involves numerous factors including data center uptime, security, and networking efficiency to name a few. However, the size of a data center is gaining increasing importance as one of the vital parameters for choosing a right colocation data center.

Acquisitions and mergers have further helped large data center providers to reinforce their capabilities to gain greater dominance in the already competitive colocation hosting market. Most of the multinational organizations select data centers providers with presence across the globe to help them reach their geographically dispersed clientele.

Top five retail data center service providers

Go4hosting Go4hosting owns and operates sprawling data centers that are spread across different global locations including Noida, Jaipur, Dallas, and Phoenix among others. All data center facilities of Go4hosting are rated as Tier III and offer outstanding integrity and N+1 redundancy. The compartmentalized security zones are further reinforced with presence of biometric detectors and seamless monitoring for greater security. These data centers are designed to provide a wide array of services such as enterprise cloud and colocation among others.

NTT Communications- With more than 140 data centers that are fully scalable and situated across the globe, NTT Communications can be regarded as a behemoth of data center industry. Customers can expect high quality data center services backed by state of the art technology for several cloud and colocation services.

Equinix- By sheer number of data centers exceeding 175 facilities, Equinix is one of the largest data center service providers in the domain of retail colocation services. These data centers cover more than forty business markets in all continents to help customers establish their presence with robust and scalable networks.

China Telecom- China Telecom is the biggest data center service providers in the People’s Republic of China with globally competent facilities for retail colocation, DC design, data storage services, DC migration and many more. It can be considered as a true one stop solution provider of Data Center services for major organizations across all continents.

China Unicom- Considered as the fourth biggest mobile service providers of the world, China Unicom has established a huge data center facility in Hong Kong to help global customers avail wide spectrum of services across mainland China, Asia Pacific and Hong Kong to name a few.

The most sought after wholesale Data Center providers

Telehouse Data Center- Telehouse has built a huge facility that covers more than 162000 square feet area at Teleport and claims to have ever suffered due to power outage since its inception in 1989. Customers can choose from caged or common facilities of colocation services with unhindered access to major peering points, important carrier hotels, and much more.

Digital Realty Trust

This is probably the largest colocation data center provider in the wholesale sector with more than 156 data centers spanning 11 countries and four continents. Thanks to its future ready cloud platforms, clients can continue to grow without constraints of technologies or locations. Digital Realty runs 7 data centers in Asia Pacific, 30 in Europe and approximately 119 across North America, to offer high-end colocation as well as cloud solutions.

Global Switch

The vibrant and strategically located data centers of Global Switch are certainly some of the most sought after facilities due t variety of reasons. These data centers offer super dense concentration of bandwidth and access to premium connectivity hub of the world.


With a solid trust of more than half of fortune 500 organizations, CyrusOne has proven its dominance in the colocation hosting domain. Thanks to its acquisition spree, CyrusOne is in a position to offer a broad assortment of locations as far as selection of data center space is concerned.

DuPont Fabros Technology

If the numbers are any proof, DuPont Fabros Technology must be included in the list of top colocation providers of the globe. It handles 302 MW of critical load capacity to run its twelve North American facilities that cover more than 3.5 million Square Feet area.

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