Top 10 Data Center Providers in India

A data center is designed by bringing together or in technical terms, networking of a large number of servers typically. They help organizations store, process and distribute large amounts of data remotely taking into view the security concerns of data misuse or loss.

Data center can be the backbone of the whole infrastructure system of some businesses and helps in its efficient performance. The more you depend on online activities, the heavier is your dependence on data center systems. You must make your choice of data center service very carefully as the success of your business can depend on the quality of service you receive from your data center hosts in many cases.

Here is the list of top 10 data centers in India, chosen squarely on the basis of performance, infrastructure and track record.

Go4hosting Data Center:

Go4hosting is one of the biggest names in data center solutions and also the most reliable. They provides a fully and secure, highly resilient data center service. Go4hosting has sophisticated data centers operating out of Jaipur and Noida in India. The performance-driven and uniquely designed servers help clients operate their business efficiently and cost effectively. You can easily store any volume of data here and forget all concerns about loss or theft. Go4hosting data centers are unmatched when it comes to key functions such as data archiving, accessibility and scalability.


CloudOYE is another trusted name in data center solutions and has impressed with its amazing growth trajectory over the past few years. It is one of the most experienced data center services in India with operations extending way back to 2000. CloudOYE offers N+1 redundancy through Tier III data centers. The key features include full technical support through a dedicated team, solid infrastructure, redundant power supply and SLA guaranteed 99.95 % network uptime. You are assured of a fully secured environment.


CloudOnGo has emerged as a leading data center service provider with a growing client database. The company offers a fault-free setup for smooth operations. Companies looking for competitively priced data center solutions with features such as secure storage and high scalability can choose CloudOnGo.


This is a fast growing data center service that boasts of latest technology and of the capability to deliver consistently high performance. DialWebHosting is known for its advanced computing and networking clout. You can access a whole range of services that can keep pace with the changing needs of your business in a seamless manner. The company guarantees operational excellence and has expertise in helping clients manage their entire gamut of IT requirements cost effectively.


ComputeHost offers one of the most reliable and technologically superior data center services in India. The comprehensive suite of high quality features are designed to boost growth. This is made possible through their quality network uptime and infrastructure that’s seamlessly scalable. There are a range of affordable plans that can help you utilize their services without going beyond your budget.

NetMagic Solutions:

NetMagic was founded in 1998 and is therefore an experienced data center service provider. It has data centers located throughout the country in prime locations such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru and others. Good certifications are offered that make these data centers eco-friendly.

CtrlS Datacenter:

CtrlS has been consistently ranking among the top ten data center services in India in many surveys. They have data center locations in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. These centers are optimized for performance, security and server uptime. Their clients come from diverse industrial backgrounds.

Net4 Datacenter:

Net4 is another reliable name in data center services in India and has been serving the needs of their clients through their seven data centers located across India. They are all fully certified and have advanced security systems in place. Highest level of security and performance are hallmarks of the data center service offered by Net4.


BlueHost stands apart from other data center services on the strength of their high uptime guarantee, 30-day money back guarantee, affordability and hosting of many domains at one location. The service also comes with one click installation for many tools and 24/7 support.

Tulip Data City:

This is one of the biggest data centers in terms of size. It is designed to deliver quality infrastructure within an environment-friendly setting. Pricing is affordable but support system needs some improvement.

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