Top 10 Content Delivery Network In India

If you have tried every trick in the book to improve the speed of your website but the loading is still far from impressive, you must now turn your attention to CDN or Content Delivery Network.

A CDN represents a series of servers located at various data centers around the world. It is designed to cache the static content such as CSS, images and JavaScript files of a website. The static site assets are copied to the numerous servers and loaded from the server that’s nearest to the visitor. The CDN also acts as a load balancer. As there are a large number of server networks associated with CDN, they are equipped to handle a large number of requests easily that what your own individual server is capable of.

Choosing the best Content Delivery Network in India could be a challenge as there are many providers vying for your attention. Here is a list of the top 10 names to help you make the right choice easily.


With over 80 POPs across all continents, CloudFlare is a reliable choice for CDN services. Free plans include unlimited data transfer. Paid plans are available based on customer needs and comes with high-end features and support.


Akamai is a popular and reliable content delivery company with an enormous network. The company boasts of having and over 100,000 servers all over the world. They specialize in offering enterprise everything from simple static content to cloud computing to HD video delivery.


A big and reliable name in CDN solutions, Go4hosting is known for their cutting-edge CDN solutions that can deliver large files and software applications to users in any part of the world swiftly. The company’s CDN server can fully optimize the process of interaction of critical web applications of users with the web. Fast turnabout time is a highlighting feature of this service.

NetMagic Solutions:

NetMagic Solutions is a reputed CDN service provider. You can use their service to speed up the customer application processes online. Businesses can provide rich crucial enterprise apps, rich media and process transactions online for their clients in a highly reliable manner using their services.


CloudOYE is the undisputed numero uno when it comes to CDN services. The company provides next generation solutions designed to ensure easy dissemination of static content to users. Some of the top features are fastest content delivery, high speed of data transfers and low latency. They have the leading CDN networks provider, OnApp as their partner to deliver content smoothly and swiftly across 170 plus locations.


Top online businesses trust ComputeHost for their CDN servers for their best quality service at lowest prices. ComputeHost has tied up with OnApp to provide cutting-edge private and public CDN services. They have around 170 CDN PoPs across the globe located in 43 countries. The CDN services are flexible and scalable and guarantees data security through measures like SSL certificates, Link encryption, hot link prevention and similar others.


CtrlS cater to the CDN services requirements of media organizations and ecommerce businesses. The Tier IV data center with state-of-the-art CDN services is capable of delivering both dynamic and static content through its 170 Points of Presence across the Americas, Europe, MENA and APAC. CtrlS CDN service offers guaranteed low latency and faster delivery.


DialWebHosting ranks high among the best CDN hosting providers in India. Clients can enjoy best performance in a secure environment with their CDN services which offers features like secure content delivery, auto DNS configuration and high network uptime. Other key reasons why DialWebHosting makes the top cut are premium bandwidth connectivity and fair pricing along with 24/7 support.


CDN77 makes it to the top 10 list on the strength of its features like transparent pricing and superior technology. It has 32 PoPs across the world including 12 in Asia. You have the freedom of turning off or on any data center in your network.


CloudOnGo has gained reputation as a reliable CDN services with the knack and the technology for delivery of static content at blazing speed. Clients can use their service to tackle the menace of packet loss and network congestion. They make data accessibility easy. The service guarantees high content availability regardless of the geographical location of the user. A highlighting aspect of their CDN service is the friendly control panel.

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