Top 10 Cloud Server Space Providers in India

Cloud servers have been proved to be better on many counts than shared or dedicated servers. While they might work in a manner similar to physical servers, they provide functions that are superior to others. Resources can be easily scaled up or down. They run on a hypervisor to manage the capacity of OS.

While choosing a cloud server space provider, there are some specific aspects to look at so that you can make the ideal choice.


Cloud server space service from Go4hosting is regarded as the best available in India because of the excellent features and superior customer service. You get complete control over the cloud servers which offer high scalability and flexibility with instant scaling facilities available. You can save money when you choose Go4hosting as they offer hosting plans that are cost-effective. You need to pay only for the resources used and can save a substantial sum on setting up the system. Go4hosting also offers the advantage of automation. You are spared the cost and hassles of having to appoint a team to manage backups and updates. With Go4hosting, you can enjoy best in-class hosting experience with their Tier III compliant data center and huge rack capacity.


BlueHost is a cloud server space provider with a growing client database owing to their superior hosting solutions and services. BlueHost claims to be one of the most secure cloud hosting options around. Clients also prefer using their services for its speed as they use premium hardware and low-density servers. The servers are easy to handle as they are designed to be simple. You can have all the information you need in one place at a glance.


HostGator stands apart from other cloud server space providers because of their faster loading times. You can experience 2X faster loading with the ability to process dynamic content faster. They also claim to be four times more scalable as you can ramp up your cloud resources in just a click without having to suffer data migrations and downtime. The intuitive dashboard provides information about all the vital stats in one, convenient place. There are many plans available for you to choose from based on your server space needs and budget.


CloudOYE is one of the most reputed and trusted cloud server solutions available in India at present. You can choose from Windows, Linux and other OS that are offered as ready to use templates. The system is easily scalable and offers a high level of flexibility, as well as capacity, can be increased or decreased quickly. CloudOYE offers redundancy at the hardware as well as the hypervisor level ensuring a high level of fault tolerance. You can operate in a fully secured cloud environment when you choose CloudOYE.

Data BaGG:

Data BaGG is a powerful and efficient cloud storage service that covers everything related to storage and more. The key features include auto syncing of all files and folders on any device either permanently or provisionally and advanced data synchronization that’s highly automated. Their 24/7 technical support team helps you tackle any difficulty quickly through email, phone or live chat. Data BaGG also offers the highest level of security as all files are locally encrypted during the initial backup process.


SiteGround cloud hosting platform is powered by innovative technology that promises speed and comes with the convenience of auto-scalability. You can customize your server plans to match your needs. The high quality 24/7 support ensures that the performance of the cloud server remains unaffected by any technical glitches. If you are looking for a managed cloud hosting option, then SiteGround is your best bet. Data security is fully assured by daily backups. There are many affordable hosting plans available.

A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting is fast catching up with others in the cloud server domain as they offer blazing fast servers at the most competitive prices in the market. Their highly reliable services are designed to help companies of all types and sizes achieve their hosting and data space goals without having to go through the usual hassles associated with lesser providers. They also have a friendly support team to help you deal with any technical issues promptly.


Cloud server solutions from ComputeHost make the top 10 list as this is a service provider that’s being increasingly preferred by businesses for delivering the best quality resources at affordable prices. You can be sure of getting the right tools and the latest cloud server technology to manage your server goals efficiently.


CtrlS is another fast-growing name in the world of cloud servers. They claim to offer a secure cloud that’s engineered for superior stability and unmatched power. They also offer an excellent backup and storage solution that can be customized to meet your needs.


The GoDaddy cloud platform is synonymous with performance and security with a good level of stability as well. You can be sure that your data is safe and secure when you choose GoDaddy cloud server space.

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