Top 10 Cloud Security Provider

Cloud hosting providers should be always compared on the basis of their security features including availability of SSD and SSL certificate. Cloud hosting is also influenced by common drawbacks such as lack of standardization. It is observed that majority of companies are skeptical about ability of cloud vendors to securely handle sensitive data files. These concerns can be addressed by choosing a cloud provider that is known to implement cutting edge security measures.


CloudOYE delivers high security cloud hosting services by complying with the most important regulations. Customers can avail their flawless data backup services for assured business continuity and restoration of services in the case of any unexpected events. CloudOYE is an ideal cloud solution provider that implements stringent security measures including firewalls and data encryption measures and deserves its position among top cloud security provider companies.


Rackspace allows instant provisioning of secured cloud servers for a highly consistent and predictable application development. Hosting is available for bare metal servers as well as VPS servers. Users are able to access in-house technical service of the company and are backed by redundant networking for sound business continuity. If you are looking for compliance and audits such as CSA, ISO, PCI, or HIPAA then Rackspace delivers all of these and many more.


GoDaddy is the right hosting service provider for small enterprises that need to avail basic cloud hosting services without compromising on security features. You can get all security features that can make sure that your data in cloud is secure. These features are backups, API controls, SSD, and SSL certificates to name a few. You can avail their cloud servers for email or for web hosting without being concerned about data security.


Cloud hosting plans by Go4hosting are backed by robust security and excellent uptime guarantee for enhanced website performance as well as user experience. Cloud security is an important attribute of Go4hosting and customers are provided with private as well as hybrid cloud hosting services that assure stringent compliance and a dedicated ecosystem.


Bluehost offers SiteLock security as an optional feature to its cloud hosting clients. In addition to this clients can also get redundant storage for assured continuity of business. VPS and cloud hosting plans offered by Bluehost are ideal for websites that need to be upgraded from shared hosting environment.


If you belong to developer community and need to find a sound cloud environment then for all your IaaS needs you should consider CloudSigma. You are assured of high performance and security in cloud environment. CloudSigma offers highly competitive pricing plans and free trial offers as well.

InMotion hosting

InMotion is highly sought after by enterprises for its cloud hosting services for a wide array of security features including real time server monitoring. Their shared and dedicated server plans are also popular among enterprise customers. One can get started with their free website transfer services.

Secure Rack

Secure Rack delivers enterprise class security by offering SSD storage packs for free and also protects online applications with free SSL certificate. Their support for a large range of CMSs including WordPress is backed by single click install facilities.


ComputeHost is known for implementing very high standards of security in addition to a real time redundancy that is backed by enterprise class cloud infrastructure. Users can look forward to professional management of cloud servers’ updates and patch management. What’s more, users can also benefit from backups, responsive technical teams, and market leading hardware for added protection.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is regarded for its rapid provisioning of cloud servers along with blazing fast SSD speed for outstanding performance. Customers are only required to pay for resources that are being consumed on the daily basis. Security is an added advantage for customers of Liquid Web cloud hosting with free access to STORM firewall in addition to server monitoring in real time.


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