Top 10 Cloud Hosting Companies In India

More and more companies are choosing cloud hosting as their preferred option for website hosting and applications and data management because of the multiple benefits that the cloud offers. These include cost efficiency, reliability, flexibility and high security. You can access your data from anywhere when you choose cloud hosting. The cloud technology is improving dramatically. There are a variety of cloud-based products available that makes the job of data management and storage remarkably easy and simple. You just need to make sure you choose the right cloud hosting service for best results.

We have identified the top 10 cloud hosting companies in India based on key performance parameters.

Go4hosting makes it easy for companies to go with the cloud, thanks to their budget-friendly cloud hosting plans. The value, basic and enterprise plans are priced competitively for small and growing companies to move their hosting needs to the cloud. The technology is advanced but user-friendly and the dedicated support makes it easy to shoot down problems quickly. The features are among the best available in the industry.

DialWebHosting is a reliable and reputed cloud hosting service provider and acclaimed for their advanced storage and recovery solutions. Their servers are placed at strategic points globally which ensures seamless performance. The affordable and scalable cloud hosting solutions from DialWebHosting is in huge demand among upcoming as well as established organizations.

ComputeHost makes it to the top five in this list as it has gained in popularity immensely over the past few years. Its service is distinguished by features like unlimited scalability, superior security measures and affordable pricing. ComputeHost also has a solid support team in place ready to deal with any troubleshooting tasks 24/7.

BlueHost enjoys a good reputation among Indian and international companies as a reliable cloud hosting service. They have hosted more than two million websites globally. Better speed and enhanced overall efficiency are the key USPs of the service which also is known for its competitive pricing.

CloudOYE has moved miles ahead of its competitors by providing cloud-based hosting services that are comprehensive and efficient on all fronts. With over 10 years of experience in providing cloud hosting solutions to businesses of all types, CloudOYE has the technology and the infrastructure to deliver the best possible service and solutions to all your web and applications hosting needs. They have also been bestowed the best accreditations of the industry.

CtrlS is a leading cloud computing service known for their innovative cloud hosting solutions. The company specializes has a superior datacenter infrastructure and specializes in software systems, storage and network. CtrlS has been making great progress in recent years and has added several new accounts to their client list.

iPage offers cloud hosting services that are driven by superior technology. They keep upgrading their systems to deliver the latest and the best to their clients. The hosting service comes with high uptime and bandwidth. Storage is also expansive and the pricing is competitive.

A2Hosting is one of the top ranking cloud hosting services with an impressive client base on account of their superior support, robust services and high quality features. A2 Hosting also guarantees high uptime for all plans. The support team springs into action instantly to deal with any contingencies.

BigRock is a name that’s becoming a regular feature in many top 10 cloud hosting lists from independent industry researchers. The features are designed to benefit companies of all sizes. BigRock has many affordable plans especially for small and medium sized companies.

Hosting Raja:
Hosting Raja makes the top 10 list of the best cloud hosting companies in India as it offers highly reliable service powered by superior technology and competitive pricing.

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