Top 10 Cloud Backup Service Providers in India

Technology makes life easy and cloud backup is proof this irrefutable fact. Cloud backup can be called a type of cloud storage but it comes without file sync. The focus is primarily on creating a copy your hard drive in the cloud.

Your data is of critical value to your business and must be protected in a foolproof manner. When you choose cloud backup option for data storage and protection, you are ensuring that there is little chance of data loss even during unforeseen disasters and calamities. To enjoy the best cloud backup service, it is imperative that you team up with a reliable and reputed cloud backup service provider. Our list of top 10 cloud backup service providers in India can make your job easier.

SiteGround: SiteGround cloud storage and backup solutions are preferred by businesses that demand daily backups with a guarantee that no data will be lost.

DialWebHosting: DialWebHosting is one of the biggest names in cloud storage and backup in India. Sophisticated IT technology and advanced components help the company cater to storage and backup demands of any type and size of business. Large sets of data can be stored and secured in a highly efficient manner. The pay as you go model helps save money in the long term.

BigRock: With BigRock, you can be sure your files and documents are securely backed up within the most advanced cloud systems. Limited as well as unmetered storage and backup plans are available at competitive prices.

Go4hostingGo4hosting backup service is used by most of the leading organizations in India and abroad. The key feature of their service is the standalone SAN which houses snapshot back up images of data making the arrangement fully secure and foolproof. File solidity and block level repetition helps minimize backup times. Backup disks are kept at separate locations.

DataBaGG: DataBaGG offers one of the best ways of securing your data on the cloud. This service provider makes data backup a simple, hassle-free and smooth process. The robust data backup system offers free cloud data space to first time users. Accessing stored data is easy and quick too. You can automatically backup all your critical data online.

Carbonite: Another reliable cloud storage and backup service provider, Carbonite is a user-friendly and highly secure online backup service with no limits to storage capacity. It offers some advanced features to make sure your data is backed up conveniently and accessed as and when wanted without much effort.

ComputeHost: ComputeHost makes it to the top 10 list of the best cloud backup services in India as it makes use of state-of-the-art backup systems for keeping your data fully secured. Enjoy world class data security by backing up all your data in the most professionally managed cloud backup setup.

CloudOYE: CloudOYE is one of the most reliable names in cloud backup in India and also the most cost effective according to users. Besides providing snapshot backup option and separate SAN, the service also ensures regular and automatic backup of data so that nothing is lost. You can choose the VMs to backup and enable backup option to enjoy complete peace of mind.

SugarSync: This is a popular name in cloud backup systems and allows data to be synced with their cloud. Online file storage and backup facility is available at a very competitive price.

Hosting Raja: Hosting Raja offers one of the most simplified cloud storage and backup solutions for businesses of all types. Their cloud infrastructure is reliable and user-friendly.

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