Top 10 Cheap SMTP Server For Email Marketing

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol that’s needed for sending and receiving emails. In other words, it is an application layer based protocol that helps in transmission of emails and in its distribution over the web. There are two main functions that SMTP is required to perform. First, it must verify that the person sending the email has the right to send it in the first place. Second, in the event of the message not getting delivered properly to the intended recipient/s, the message is directed back to the sender.

Want to know about the best SMTP server for email marketing that’s not only cheap but also highly efficient? We have identified the top 10 players in the industry for you.

Go4hosting is a clear leader when it comes to SMTP server hosting services. The popular hosting service offers comprehensive server management solutions that supports both physical and virtual machines across a number of platforms. Go4hosting SMTP is compatible with Windows, Linux, UNIX, virtual systems. The support is the best you can get in the industry and the pricing is extremely competitive.

One of the popular names in web server hosting, BlueHost is also an SMTP server hosting specialist for emails. The web host makes it easy for users to send emails quickly and accurately. There are many tools available to make email sending easier than ever before. With BlueHost, you can enjoy highly reliable and scalable email delivering solutions.

HostGator is a consistent performer and does as well in SMTP server solution as it does with many other web hosting solutions. The SMTP service ensures delivery of mails into the right recipient inbox and also offers tools that allow tracking of spam and bounced emails. You can avail the best plan that suits your business needs from their many offerings.

DialWebHosting is a clear and unambiguous choice of companies looking for a reliable and efficient SMTP server solution. The web hosting service has a great track record in this domain and makes use of advanced technology to provide users a secure and effective mail transfer system. DialWebHosting SMTP solutions work for businesses of all types and sizes.

CloudOYE is a leading email server hosting service and offers a professional access to emails. You can enjoy one of the most reliable and secure email server hosting solutions from a cloud-based web host that has unmatched expertise. The SMTP service is easy to configure and use. The features are user-friendly and the pricing affordable.

InMotion Hosting:
InMotion Hosting is yet another reliable and reputed name when it comes to SMTP server hosting. With this experienced service, you can upload contacts and manage all your subscribers easily. Marketing campaigns can be run with ease using the provider’s user-friendly features. The pricing is competitive and gets better as your email volume increases.

GoDaddy is a reliable SMTP server solution provider with a good track record of reliability and performance. You can use the service delivering emails with the highest degree of reliability and security. There are tools available to keep track of every mail sent or received.

SiteGround is a SMTP server hosting provider with an array of features that ensures accurate and secure delivery of every single email to the intended receiver. The service comes with advanced tracking features and other user-friendly tools for better management. Pricing is pocket-friendly.

A2 Hosting:
A2 Hosting is a SMTP hosting solution that boasts of the best package that incorporates the top features. Solutions can be tailored to match your needs. The key USP of this service is the high speed. Full Spam protection is guaranteed.

IPage brings up the bottom of the top 10 list of the best service providers of SMTP server solutions. It allows you to send, track and deliver emails reliably and correctly.

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