Top 10 AngulaJS Hosting Providers In India

It is clear from reports that more and more developers and organizations prefer using AngularJS for developing their next generation apps. This JavaScript rich framework, one of the few that Google vigorously supports, has a lot to offer when it comes to dynamic web apps. The best part is that it acts without being dependent on other frameworks or plug-in.

AngularJS is powering a large number of popular, reputed and globally established websites and mobile apps. Not surprisingly, there is a growing community of volunteer developers for AngularJS. It is now the default framework for creation of websites related to ecommerce, entertainment and others. Some of the most popular brands like Wal-Mart, YouTube, Netflix, PayPal, NY Times and others are powered using the robust and flexible AngularJS framework.

Web applications are critical for companies looking to expand and extend their services online. AngularJS can help you achieve these objectives rather effortlessly. However, choosing the right AngularJS hosting provider for your business is important and could be the key to your success.

Here is a carefully researched list of the top 10 AngularJS hosting providers in India. You can use this list to make the best choice with little effort.


Go4Hosting offers the best AngularJS hosting services. Get hosting solutions that can be customized to meet the specific hosting requirements of your business. Go4hosting AngularJS hosting services comes with scalable infrastructure and performance guarantee. High network time is also assured to ensure optimum availability.


Waxspace specializes in AngularJS hosting technology and is one of the leaders in this domain. The host serves the needs of top companies in India and abroad. High uptime guarantee and low pricing makes them the preferred AngularJS hosting service of many organizations.

Hoopla Hosting:

An established hosting service, Hoopla Hosting has added AngularJS hosting solution to their services recently but has made impressive gains in a short period. Their plans are features-rich and affordable.


Apache is a two decades plus old company with clients all over the world. The AngularJS client-side JavaScript service from Apache works fine for various websites and apps. The company is known for its excellent service and support. Pricing is competitive too.


Firebase was established in 2011 and is hence a relatively new player in this domain. It has an excellent track record in infrastructure and server management for companies of all types and sizes. The AngularJS hosting solutions can be customized to your requirements and comes with excellent support.


It has been around for less time than other established AngularJS services but has made a name for itself with its superior service and outstanding performance. Your applications are deployed into software containers for best performance in all kinds of environment.

A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting is a popular hosting service and is now offering AngularJS hosting as a part of their services. They offer a setup that’s simple to use and excel in areas of security and performance. Pricing is competitive. You can choose from a variety of affordable plans.


Innostax is popular among AngularJS hosting service users as it offers faster loading times and is extremely user-friendly. It makes use of the latest technology in this domain.


Heroku offers free as well as premium version of hosting software. The key advantages of using Heroku is that it supports multiple languages and frameworks making it a popular choice among organizations.


ScopeHosts offers highly configured hosting solutions that are easy to use for any business environment. Customer support and services are also exceptionally good.

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