Tips to Find the Best CMS Hosting Providers

CMS hosting or Content Management System hosting is becoming much popular nowadays because the CMS lets you define and even set permission for different users at different levels as far content management is concerned. So, your website content may be in the form of blogs or articles or press releases and the content management system you choose many be either the open source traditional CMS or the hosted CMS. Prior to the launch of CMS hosting, sites were primarily built from scratch by designers and web developers who would write the JavaScript and HTML. While this would offer them a lot of flexibility in designing the site, it would turn out to be quite complicated during the development and operational stages. This is why CMS hosting became important because the CMS will make the creation, editing and management of site content much easier.

What are the benefits of choosing CMS hosting?

  • With CMS hosting, the creator of the content can control the content completely unlike earlier when they would have to take the help of web developers trained in handling JavaScript or HTML to make changes to the content. This helps companies which need to make very frequent changes to their sites. CMS hosting offers user-friendly tools that help users to add, edit or delete content.
  • CMS will also allow the content once written to be used many times; this is useful because the same content might have to be used in many locations like for the product description, an address etc.
  • CMS hosting ensures that website can maintain a coherent linking structure and have search engine-friendly URLs.
  • With CMS hosting, new functions can be conveniently added to any website through extensions and plug-ins. This means that there is no need for writing specific codes for each web page where this function will be deployed; for instance, to add a social media widget, you can simply download the required plug-in and designate a location within the page for it.
  • Unlike in static sites where the content and design are mixed together and tweaking the site’s appearance becomes difficult, CMS allows you to refresh the site design in a hassle-free manner.
  • Since the code for CMS is isolated from the site content, it is possible to update the entire codebase in-place; security threats can be easily prevented through patches and most of the popular content management systems provide single-click updates.

Given these advantages of CMS hosting, it is no surprise why more and more businesses are switching to CMS hosting India providers. When choosing providers of CMS hosting, you can make use of the following suggestions:

  • Not all CMS create, organize and edit content in the same way; this is why it is important to understand what the basic functions of CMS you are looking for, and avoid systems which do not permit you to do the basic tasks.
  • Content to the site is added vis-à-vis a user-friendly editor; you must ensure that it allows you to perform the basic tasks seamlessly.
  • Some content management systems are unable to handle files and images properly and this lack of usability and faulty accessibility may frustrate users. You should get a CMS which offer basic image editing tools like cropping, rotating and resizing.
  • The search functionality in a CMS must be adequate; you should look for thoroughness, speed, freshness, scope and ranking, and degree of customization you are getting when you choose a CMS hosting provider.

The bottom-line is that you will need a CMS provider that grants a lot of flexibility in way content can be displayed and retrieved. You should be able to retrieve data in reverse chronological order if need be, or display events through a calendar, or extract the more recent user comments if required etc. As the numbers of content contributors to the website increase, it is also important to be able to have control over which user can edit what content. For example, while a group is free to post advertisements, it cannot incorporate new content in the home page. So, you will need a provider that allows you to specify permissions for certain groups of users.

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