List of Top Five Colocation Hosting Providers

Colocating your first server can result in some anxiety and nervous moments. The process of colocating your server to the data centre of a quality service is cheap and hassle free but the lack of knowledge about colocation often causes some tension and anxiety to firms.

It is therefore important that we first understand in detail about what colocation is, its various features and benefits and the reason why organizations opt for colocation. Finding answer to all these questions can make the entire process of placing your server at the data centre of the service provider an extremely simple and productive experience.

Server colocation also known as colo refers to the practice of an organization hiring space in a service provider’s data centre to store its servers and other computational hardware. Apart from the physical space in its data centre, the server colocation hosting services provider is also responsible for server maintenance, bandwidth, cooling, power and security among other things.

Quality server providers will store your server at a dedicated facility with all the right and proper rack, cage or cabinet, regulated power to generate the right temperature and environment along with high speed internet and extended levels of security.

At the core, colocation is the markets response to the enormous capital required to provide high quality, reliable environments for critical communications equipment. By spreading the costs across multiple organizations everyone gets more for less. There are many issues involved in designing, building and operating a co-location facility. These issues need to be addressed to find answer to the question as to how to colocate your first server at a data centre so to get the maximum out of them with minimum of cost and complexity.

Some of the important factors you need to pay attention to find satisfactory answer to your question of how to colocate your first server at a data centre are as following:

Power supply and backup—A reliable and secure power supply is integral to finding answers to how to colocate your first server at a data centre. This needs to be done keeping in mind the voltage at which the data centre supplies power generator.

Choosing a server-Units–It is recommended that you opt for 1U servers as they are cheap to courier and collocate and give acceptable levels of performances.

Choosing a server—CPU–This is another important consideration that factors highly on how to colocate your first server at a data centre. You can opt for a single CPU or a dual CPU depending upon the tasks you need to perform.

Location of data centre–It is important that the data centre is located close to your organization. A large distance gap between the two can result in huge latency.

Keeping all these factors in mind we present a list of top five colocation providers. However, it is important to note that each data centre provides a solution that meets that specific customer’s colo and regional needs, as well as their own specific business model. You can’t compare a small firm to a large regional provider, yet they both excel within their own data centre business models.

Go4HostingDedicated Server by Go4hostingGo4Hosting scores first position in our list of top five colocation hosting providers. Its sophisticated and well-managed data centres ranks high on parameter of reliability with guarantees of 100 per cent uptime SLAs, 2N redundancy of all mechanical and electrical systems, carrier-neutral facilities and multi-site global connectivity among other factors. It offers premium bandwidth from multiple tier 1 producers, battery cabinets, 24x7x365 manned facility, multiple closed circuit TV cameras, etc. It carries out a detailed study of a firm and to better understand its need and requirements which allows it to provide highly customisable services.

rackbankRackBank is placed at number two position in the list of top five colocation hosting providers. Its strength lies in its location that enables minimal latency across all directions. It offers superior connectivity with its Tier-1 bandwidth, reliable and stable network, around the clock remote access and complete security to guard your valuable assets and data.

Reliance Data Center
Reliance IDCReliance Data Center, a division of Reliance Communications, spread across 6,50,000 sq ft of hosting space, owns and operates nine level 3 data centres is placed at number three position in top colocation hosting services providers. Its sophisticated colocation services offers you the space, cooling, power and other related facilities to derive the maximum from your servers without making a hole in your pocket.

Server Colocation

Server Colocation occupies fourth position in our list of top five colocation hosting providers. It offers word class infrastructure and competitive pricing which is at par with international data enters. It provides Tier 1 Bandwidth, free unlimited IP addresses, state-of-the-art class A Facilities and 24×7 customer support.

EquinixEqunix is placed at number five position in our list of top of colocation hosting providers. It offers Tier 1 Bandwidth, premium security, reliable UPS power generator backup, multiple level security and on demand services.

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