An Independent And Impartial Data Center Review: Go4hosting Vs BlueHost Vs BigRock

When it comes to choosing the best data center in India, you could be in a fix as to which one to choose as there are many companies offering the service. A look at the various online reviews and testimonials reveal three names that are regarded as the best when it comes to data center service. Go4hosting, BigRock and Bluehost are the leading data center service providers in India today. Let’s compare their various features and other aspects to determine which one makes it to the top place.

The Importance Of Data Centers To IT-Based Businesses

Data center is a fast-expanding market and there are many players jumping into this bandwagon. Experts predict a huge spurt in demand for data center services over the next few years. 2016. Rapid growth in ecommerce and web-based technologies make the IT infrastructure and hardware sector a great place to invest in for businesses.

Key Features And Benefits:


Go4hosting offers high-value data center solutions that are seamless and designed to deliver a smooth and hassle-free experience. It is powered powerful technologies that can take care of the existing and future needs of your business. The company currently servers the data center needs of over 30,000 clients across Indian and abroad. The premium services offered by them allow you to plan for your growth as the features are flexible and scalable and can keep pace with your growing and expanding business.

Go4hosting offers flexible and state-of-the-art architecture that can be used for ensuring integrated management of IT infrastructure, services and applications. The service comes with high resilience capabilities for management of huge data volumes. The data storage system can be customized to suit all types of business needs. The USP of Go4hosting data center service are remote storage, data archiving, data accessibility and on-demand scalability. Robust backup solutions ensure seamless power supply which automatically translates into high availability which is great news for any business.

Other key features that sets Go4hosting apart from others are:
• High scalability
• Superior technology
• High scale data storage
• Impregnable security

The data centers of Go4hosting are located in Delhi and Jaipur in India. The websites of many major private and government companies are powered by this leading data center in India.


BigRock is undoubtedly one of the big names in data center services. A quick look at some of its key features tells us that it has some distance to go before it can give any competition to Go4hosting, especially in the area of performance and reliability. The company allows only one domain in its 100 GB starter plan which comes with 1 GB bandwidth. The features and support they offer does not exactly give you great value for money.

BigRock offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is comparable to uptime offered by Go4hosting. The company makes use of advanced technology and servers at its data center to ensure that the services are secure and the data remains protected at all times. There are a wide range pf price and plans offered for various types and levels of data center services. However, some plans, especially the lower-priced basic ones do not have the features needed to manage your business efficiently. There are some issues regarding customer support too if some reviews are to be believed.


Another major player in the business of data center services is Bluehost. Launched in India later than Go4hosting, the company enjoys a good reputation internationally. They don’t have a data center in India which puts them at a distinct disadvantage when compared to Go4hosting and BigRock. They do have data centers around the globe though with Utah serving most of the hosting needs. Indian users can sign up for global version of services. However, most reviews state a satisfactory experience with the company which serves customers from the ResellerClub.

When it comes to comparing the pricing, Go4hosting emerges as the best choice. They have basic as well as premium data center service plans. You can choose one that’s right for your business and fits within your budget.

Bluehost and BigRock too offer basic plans for startups at competitive prices but the limited number of features is a major drawback.

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