HashGains Grand Entry Into Cryptocurrency ICO Token is Eagerly Awaited!

So finally HashGains has come up with its own token! Seems promising as HashGains is already an established leader in the domain of cryptocurrency mining. First of all, congratulations to them for coming up with this bold step in the direction of taking up mining to such serious endeavors. The possibility of earning precious cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin by owning the token of HashGains seems lucrative offer for a person like me to start investing in cryptocurrency mining.

The presale initial coin offering of the token of HashGains by having a sample investment in 10000 tokens during the presale shall cost me about 7000 USD which shall reciprocate in 10,000 giga hash per second of hashing power for the ongoing two years. This much hashing power is equivalent of mining one Bitcoin in 2 years.

And going by the least probable price 18000 USD per Bitcoin; this is what one shall be able to earn! The revolution brought in by Satoshi Nakamoto seems not to die down as speculated by some of the so-called money experts; but on the contrary it is getting new momentum with every passing moment as is evident with the entry of more and more entrepreneurs in the domain of cryptocurrency.

There is a hugely optimistic expectation in the endeavors of HashGains with the proceeds of 30 million initial coin offering to help it built a state-of-art data center devoted to cryptocurrency mining. Ultimately with the help of this; HashGains shall be able to create its own mining pool by generating hash power rates of a hundred peta hash per second. If they are able to achieve this feat then they would stand amongst the top 10 mining pools of the world.

HashGains already has a customer base of more than 10,000 and expects to make this figure 10 times by the end of year 2018 by this initial coin offering of the cryptocurrency tokens. The capacity building of such gigantic scale of 100 Peta hash per second indeed seems favorable for the investors as a green pasture to put their corpus in. Company boasts of having more than 1500 professionals at its disposal at two of its mega data centers. Having an experience of 15 years in industry the company has already bagged 10 of the Fortune 500 customers in its kitty.

The customer care side of the company too seems reassuring as this is one of the most important reinforcement for such a highly technical domain of cryptocurrency where the prices go through such great amounts of volatility in a single day.

HashGains is backed by a 15 Year old Data Center Company is an already established brand in the world of data centers and cloud services.

Going by the promise of what Cyfuture offers the subsidiary company HashGains seems to have a bright future ahead under the virtuoso aegis of Mr. Anuj Bairathi. With the belief and hope of great returns ahead I shall go with HashGains and play my stakes with the ongoing initial coin offering of the HashGains’ token.