Go4Hosting Occupies Top Spot in Our List of Top Five Data Centres in India

Data centres are facilities that centralises an organization’s IT operations and equipment by storing, maintaining and managing an organization’s servers. They house a network’s most critical systems that are of vital importance for the continuity of data processing needs of an organization.  However, data centres are expensive to maintain. You have to find space for storing your servers and then hire a separate team of IT professionals to look after them.

These centres as such, which houses an enterprise’s servers, computer systems and networking systems and components of the company, are usually run by large companies or government agencies.

However, well-known third party service providers like Go4Hosting also manage and maintain sophisticated and well-equipped data centres in India to provide fast and efficient cloud solution service for private and business applications.

In the following paragraphs we shall look at the list of top five data centres in India, how they are managed and various terminologies associated with them. We shall also see why it makes sense to outsource your IT operations to a well-managed data centre to ensure a smooth website performance with minimum of downtime.

Importance of performance driven data centres

Having a resilient, secure and performance driven data centres are imperative for your website’s smooth performance. You can have the best website design and development team on hand, but all this effort will come to a naught if you mistakenly choose a data centre company not known for providing world class data centre facilities. A service provider with ill-equipped and ill-maintained data centre can eliminate all possibilities of achieving a dream of running a high-performing website that attracts a large number of online traffic.

Keeping in mind the importance of a well-managed data centre and more importantly the diligence required in hiring the services of a firm that offers data centre facilities, we present here a list of top five data centres in India.


Go4Hosting occupies the first place in our list of top five data centres in India, and not without some very good reason. The firm has been consistently delivering highly resilient, secure, reliable and high performance data centre solutions to a large array of organizations spread across the length and breadth of the country.

Scoring high on parameters of data storage, sophisticated technology, high grade data security, flexible architecture and on-demand scalability are some of the reason for this quality service provider occupying the top slot in our revered list. It makes it a point to distribute all data across multiple computers in different locations to avoid any single point of failure. This quality service provider also provides uninterrupted power supply along with flexible data centre architectures for integrated management of IT infrastructure, applications and services.

Dedicated Server by Go4hosting


This Tier-3 data centre located in central India occupies second place in our list of top five data centres in India. The data centre that went into operation in 2004 has been providing premium quality data centre services including shared hosting and dedicated hosting along with colocation services. The data centre spread over a large area offers 100 per cent Cisco powered network, battery powered redundant dual UPS system, over 6 levels of physical access security to cabinet and cages along with security, engineering, and operations teams on 24×7 basis.


Netmagic Solutions

One of the leading names in data centre facility, Netmagic occupies third place in our list of top five data centres in India. It has in all seven well-managed and highly sophisticated data centres in northern, central and southern India. Netmagic is certified according to the terms set up by ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 20000-1, which makes it one of the very few green data centres presently residing in India. Its data centres are highly secure and armed with multilevel security systems to keep your data completely safe and secure.



A Tier 4 data centre, CtrlS is placed at number four position in our list of top five data centres in India. It has modern and state of the art data centre with robust infrastructure and high access bandwidth links to give your business a competitive edge in the marketplace.


Tulip Data Centre

Completing our list of top five data centres in India is one of the largest data centres in Asia– Tulip data centre. This data centre is specifically built keeping in mind the needs of infrastructure efficiency as well as in accordance with environment friendly initiatives.


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