Go4hosting Email Review Vs Rackspace Email Review

Finding the right email hosting service provider can be an extremely daunting task if you come to know that your existing host is not up to the mark in terms of meeting your team’s communication objectives.

Hosted email service has become a de rigeur in modern business environment. It frees organizations from need to acquire software or hardware. There is a considerable relief from maintaining in-house mail servers in terms of their performance, storage space, and security. Reputed email hosting providers make arrangements for unmatched security, efficient backups and minimized events of downtime as well as loss of data.

We have reviewed two most sought after email hosting providers including Rackspace and Go4Hosting to make it easy for you to choose the best provider from a plethora of email hosts.

Rackspace Email Hosting

Focused on catering to needs of small businesses, Rackspace email claims to offer supportive and affordable email hosting service. It also provides exclusive support to those clients that need to switch email hosts. They are backed by expert teams that help in making sure that the switch is as smooth as it can be. These guys claim to provide robust support for migration and on-boarding as well. Clients can migrate their in-house as well hosted email accounts by accessing Rackspace free migration services known as Assisted Migration Services.

Rackspace also claims to offer multi-channel technical support for 24 hours throughout the year.

However, a multitude of online reviews puts a big question mark on ability of Rackspace to provide a hassle free email hosting service. Some of the clients complain of frequent outages and the support team is quick to point to client’s network. There are multiple issues of dealing with simple tasks such as application upgrades, migrations, renaming, and re-synchronizing. The option of share-point is obsolete and stuck at 2007. In addition to this, unless there is some earning involved in your technical requests, their support team will not show much interest in your issues.

Go4hosting email review

You can look forward to an efficient, reliable and malware protected email hosting service from Go4hosting. Their email hosting services are rapidly provisioned and can be managed with help of intuitive control panel.

Clients can look forward to integration of multiple third party software, applications, and tools for experiencing customized email hosting services. The most noteworthy feature of Go4hoasting email service is the support of top tiered data centers that ensure 99.99 percent uptime guarantee backed by SLAs. Clients are offered round the clock technical support via live chat, email, and telephones.

With more than a decade’s expertise of providing top of the line email hosting support to a multitude of organizations, Go4hosting is a force to reckon with.

Go4hosting assures 100 percent spam free email support with presence of cutting edge spam filters that minimizes intrusion of spam mail. You will love its user friendly and clutter free email interface. Go4hosting offers a very simple set-up wizard for instant and efficient installation of email server hosting.

Users are also offered remote web access to calendars, notes, chats, contacts, and client emails. If you are looking for an Indian email hosting provider that assures affordability and reliability, then Go4hosting is your natural choice.

Go4hosting owns and operates multiple data centers at safe and strategic global locations including India. Their ability to provide utmost data protection stems from hardware and software firewalls. Clients can choose from a wide array of hosting options such as VPS, shared, and dedicated hosting. In addition to these standard plans, Go4hosting has also earned unmatched reputation of providing cloud hosting solutions including public, private as well as hybrid cloud.


Go4hosting emerges as a clear choice over Rackspace email hosting. It offers excellent technical support and reliable uptime for guaranteed availability of your vital communication platform.

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