Go4hosting Data Center Vs EVERDATA Data Center Vs ZNetLive Data Center

Go4hosting data center

Situated at two strategic locations in northern India including Noida and Jaipur, Go4hosting data centers are exceptionally secured, resilient, and performance oriented facilities. Go4hosting is driven by passion to enable customers mitigate risks of downtime and achieve considerable reduction in total cost of ownership without making any compromises with respect to security and compliance requirements.

Remarkably flexible architecture of Go4hosting data centers is designed to deliver comprehensive management of enterprise IT infrastructure in addition to all types of mission critical applications as well as services. Go4hosting data centers are supported by top of the line components such as Cisco to eliminate chances of component failure. Customers can derive benefits of economy backed by enterprise class networking solutions and technology. Distribution of entire data across multiple remotely located computers offers freedom from single point failure. Dependable power backup is ensured through uninterrupted power supply from gas as well as turbine energy. Guaranteed power supply is achieved with help of N+1 redundancy across all systems. The award winning data centers by Go4hosting are highly respected for their Uber class security and top notch management practices.

Top tiered Go4hosting data centers have adopted centrally managed services that are backed by carrier redundancy and an SLA backed uptime guarantee of 99.99 percent. These data centers are built by using industry leading hardware and networking equipment.

Go4hosting data center facility is continuously tracked by CCTV cameras and is backed by five zone security measures that comprise of biometric readers, flawless access controls, and fire detection VESDA and 3D sensors. The cabling and network facilities at Go4hosting data center are built by using proprietary network architecture and state of the art routing technologies with Gigabit port connectivity and fiber optic network.

Go4hosting data centers are built in seismic zone 1 to reduce any chances of earthquakes and have remarkable load bearing capacity with facility of elevators for easy movement of racks and servers. The carrier neutral facility is supported by fiber-optic ring based network. Users can choose from Vodafone, BSNL, Bharti Airtel, Tata Communications, and Reliance Telecom to name a few.

Powerful cooling facilities offered by Go4hosting data center maintain temperature of Precision Air Conditioning units precisely at 20 degree C. Cooling systems are further supported by raised floor with ceiling based return plenum.

EVERDATA data center

EVERDATA stresses location of their data centers as one of the safest choices since Jaipur is a safe from natural disasters including floods and earthquakes. Since Jaipur is centrally located, it provides greater coverage of the country in terms of connectivity. The facility has been certified as ISO 27001 and therefore many banks and financial organizations prefer the same for security and quality. EVERDATA data canter also provides N+1 redundancy as far as network, security, and power is concerned.

Remarkable power redundancy is achieved by EVERDATA data center through its own power generation unit. Preliminary power backup arrangement is through diesel powered generator set that support wide range of commercial activities at data center. In the event of primary backup failure, there is a provision for UPS systems that can sustain full load power supply for four hours.

Data center facility of EVERDATA is seamlessly equipped with sophisticated fire alarm and smoke detection system. Thanks to its direct peering with major Internet Service Providers, EVERDA has carrier neutral facility to allow clients select their preferred telecom provider. EVERDATA colocation facilities are easily accessible by clients from domestic as well as international destinations due to proximity of airport.

ZNetLive data center

ZNetLive has been offering a broad array of hosting services since 2002 and is known to offer affordable web hosting packages. Clients are offered SSL certificate for enhancing credibility of their web presence along with business email accounts at no extra costs with top class security measures.

The company is based in Jaipur and has its data centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad in addition to Dallas, Seattle, and Washington. All ZNetLive data centers are built by leveraging POD (Point of Delivery) data center design strategy. These data centers claim to boost website performance through excellent uptime of 99.99 percent.

ZNet datacenter in India provides multi level electronic as well as physical security. It has two levels of physical identifications prior to entering the premises. Access to colocation rooms is strictly based on numbered keypads and access cards. Power supply is ensured through two separate sub-stations backed by four UPS systems and powerful diesel generators. The data center can sustain 60 hours of power outage. Protection from fire is achieved by building fire proof walls, fire alarms, and state of the art smoke detection systems. ZNetLive data center in India provides powerful air cooled chillers and hot aisle/ cold aisle design and raised floor with ceiling oriented return plenum.


If we perform like to like comparison of Go4hosting, EVERDATA, and ZNetLive data centers based on critical parameters including site specifications, security, power and cooling, certifications, telecom infrastructure, and flexibility of architecture, then Go4hosting emerges as the most ideal data center provider among the three options.

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