Exclusive Features of Drupal Hosting For Building and Managing a Business

Web hosting is taking various forms and getting better with each day. It has moved from dedicated and shared hosting to VPS hosting and now to cloud hosting. As technology advanced, building of websites and hosting them on the appropriate platforms got various options. Online business became a reality and competition increased forcing the websites to come up with good content and services to attract customers. Drupal hosting became a popular form of CMS for businesses to build their websites. Written in PHP, Drupal is a powerful content management framework. It is an easy to use and free CMS and ideally suited for a growing website. It is now widely in creating and managing different kinds of websites from a personal blogging site to big government agencies and corporations.

drupal hosting

Drupal Hosting

There are many providers of Drupal hosting services but when selecting a host, customers should look for certain factors like

1.Compatibility: that the host provides the latest versions of MySQL and PHP 5.2 and 5.3 as they are compatible with Drupal 6, 7,8.
2.Security: The host ensure should provide security to the content and videos. It is crucial since a developing website will be adding new pages with content and videos. A small slip up can result in the entire system collapsing and loss of data.
3.Ease of use: Since it is a bit complicated to host Drupal manually, the host should offer the 1-click installer in the cPanel control panel
4.Customer Support: Should be available 24/7 on phone, chat and mail.
5.Cost: While choosing the best Drupal hosting company, never go by the concept of the cheaper the better. Look at the features offered. It is always advisable to go for a company that charges more if the features they offer are better. It becomes cost-effective in the long run.

Features of Drupal:

Third party access: There are times when an outside party adds its content to a website and they would be needing access to the control panel of the client’s website. Drupal hosting allows the customer to create a separate login for the third party. It also allows the client to customize and alert them when a new page is created or content amended. They also can restrict or limit the accessibility of tools to the third parties.

Backup: With the aid of Drupal module, automated backup to the content can be made either to the client’s computer or a remote server.

Scalability: Easy navigation to good content and videos is a must. With the Drupal hosting CMS customer can keep adding new content or delete old and stale content that is not drawing visitors without disturbing its performance. The client can also customize it in any format suitable and convenient to the site.

Benefits of Drupal:

Any visitor will be attracted to a site only if it is neatly organized and looks presentable. Drupal hosting categorizes content into blocks and groups and also divides it further into sub-groups subject-wise. By adding customizable tags and keywords it becomes more organized and a visitor can easily search for their requirements.

There again are many Drupal hosting India companies offering fast hosting solutions across the world. Many of the hosts have created cloud solutions for Drupal applications and more that ensures all the popular modules run smoothly. The servers come preinstalled with Drush that makes the website secure and safe. Even in cases of hardware failure the website is online within a few seconds on a new hardware. The host offers sophisticated and latest tools, affordable plans, 24/7 support all through the year and money back guarantee.

There are three main categories of Drupal hosting provided by a host. These are shared hosting, VPS/ cloud hosting and Drupal specific hosting.

The shared Drupal hosting is the cheapest form of hosting. But it has many limitations like too many users on a server, slow speed and can affect the performance. Many times it becomes unresponsive too. It is more preferable to go in for VPS hosting though it is a more expensive than the shared hosting. VPS and cloud hosting gives the user more control on the infrastructure and one can host multiple applications. It is easily scalable and more secure than a shared hosting. The Drupal specific hosting provider optimizes and creates an hosting environment exclusively for Drupal websites that guarantees fast and reliable performance.

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