Compelling Benefits of Go4hosting Data Center Colocation

Growing competition and challenges of market forces are important factors to shift burden of server related operations to colocation hosting. It is interesting to note that enterprises of all sizes are availing multiple benefits of Go4Hosting data center colocation.

Need for colocation hosting services

Let us discuss important reasons why these organizations are depending on colocation services of reputed hosting service providers for operating their data centers.

benefits of Go4Hosting data center colocationWith recent advances in technologies, server related operations are becoming increasingly technology intensive and complex. One needs to employ highly qualified software engineers to look after data center management and maintenance.

It is found that growing number of entrepreneurs are realizing that their core functions are getting diluted due to diverse needs of in-house data center. In order to stay focused on their core competencies these organizations are transferring responsibilities of data center to derive multiple benefits of Go4Hosting data center colocation.

Shifting of data center to colocation facility is an affordable choice for many organizations that are finding ways to reduce capital expenses.

Excellent adherence to physical security protocols is one of the most vital benefits of Go4Hosting data center colocation services.

Stringent security audits have become order of the day and many organizations have found that they are not in a position to practice high standards of physical security, required under the norms in terms of in-house data centers.

On the other hand benefits of Go4Hosting data center colocation includes six-zone security system, which is virtually impregnable to all kinds of physical, natural and cyber threats.

These security measures are designed for unmatched data security by restricting physical access and completely blocking data theft, illegal intrusions, and so forth.

Presence of colocation center at low-seismic zones that are not prone to natural disasters further adds to security aspects.

Some of the more specific security benefits of Go4Hosting data center colocation include round the clock physical security at every exit and entrance point with armed guards, mandatory photo ID for every visitor as well as employee, constant monitoring of all zones in facility, and dependable fire alarms as well as smoke alarms.

Modern hosting services change paradigms of colocation

Traditionally, colocation services offered by host were limited to provision of space, power, cooling, and physical security to clients. It should be noted that traditional approach to colocation hosting has undergone considerable transformation.

Modern organizations bank on colocation host to provide end-to-end services including scaling up of IT resources in response to changing needs, reliable technical assistance for 24/7/365 days, and so forth.

Sound infrastructure is hallmark of any colocation service. Therefore Tier III data center, fulfilling critical security needs of clients is one of the prime attributes of server colocation service offered by Go4Hosting. The data centers are reckoned for N+1 redundancy and offer unwavering services in spite of component failure.

There are many more benefits of Go4Hosting data center colocation, including assured redundancy of cooling, power and network. In fact clients are offered 99.95 per cent SLA backed network uptime for their business websites and mission critical applications.

Network neutrality is a vital attribute of colocation services offered by Go4Hosting. This ensures excellent network connectivity and presence of key dual active paths improve network access across business verticals.

Clients can choose from enterprise grade telecommunication service providers such as Tata Telecommunications, Reliance, and Bharti Airtel, just to name a few. Organizations can thrive on robust communication network architecture in addition to high-end routing technologies.

Optimum power density is vital for future growth of technology intensive websites. One of the major benefits of Go4Hosting data center colocation is vast experience of hosting services and ability to handle all kinds of clients that range from proprietor organizations to some of the fortune 500 MNCs.

This helps clients design future plans without any issues of host’s ability to fulfill greater demands of hosting related resources.

Benefits of data center colocation are mainly divided into financial and operational categories. In terms of financial advantages, clients can benefit from discounted rates of power and many more basic utilities.

We can expect reduction of almost sixty per cent in rates of power that is supplied on a very large scale to data centers operated by hosting service providers.

Server colocation is an effective way of minimizing risk of data loss due to single point failure. Off-site data storage is a proven method of risk mitigation by ensuring immunity against natural or manmade disasters. However, it should be noted that host data center should be physically accessible.

In short, the distance should be optimum for ease of access as well as isolation from natural calamities. It is observed that organizations prefer to select local data centers for setting up of colocation infrastructure to minimize latency effect.

Technological upgrades can be costly and time-consuming affair in case of in-house data centers owned by organization. Colocation hosting offers relief to clients with easy upgrades and unlimited scalability of all types of resources in the event of business expansion.

There are many benefits of Go4Hosting data center colocation. in addition to smartly designed and affordable colocation hosting plans. Colocation hosting is an effective solution for increasing requirement of Data Center Infrastructure Management.

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