Choosing the Top 5 Email Hosting Provider in India

Since almost everyone is keen to exploit the benefits that the Internet has to offer, it has become far easier to stay in touch with each other using the Internet. Email solutions also play a rather important role when it comes to communicating with others and this is why businesses are on the lookout for the best email solutions provider among-st the email hosting provider in India to reach out to their target audience. Today, it has actually become a basic necessity for businesses to have their own dedicated email services. For this, businesses need mail servers, different kinds of software etc to filter mails and spam blockers.

Why is it important to search for the top 5 email hosting provider in India?

While there are still many businesses which may not be too keen to opt for dedicated email solutions because of the high costs involved, this concept is slowly changing. Today, email hosting is quite affordable; the email hosting solution providers offer their services which are far superior to free email services at reasonable costs. They also allow the users to configure their settings to suit their business needs. But finding the best email hosting solution provider is not an easy task. You can examine the services offered by the top 5 email hosting provider in India to get a better idea about which service provider you can trust for your business:

Go4Hosting: Go4Hosting was founded in 2000 and is one of the top 5 email hosting provider in India. It has come out with an excellent range of user-friendly products and caters to diverse clients all over the globe. It offers dedicated server, VPS hosting plans, business email hosting solutions, cloud hosting etc. It has a state-of-the-art data canter which provides impeccable data security and guarantees 99.9% uptime. Go4Hosting provides customized business email solutions and enforces stringent security measures to protect emails. Their email hosting services are timely and expeditious and it ensures that the client mails and instructions are delivered promptly, without any delay whatsoever. Go4Hosting keeps the inbox clean from viruses and spam and guarantees round-the-clock assistance for clients.

BlueHost: BlueHost is one of the leading web hosting companies in India with a solid reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. This company is known for hosting more than two million sites and offers a money back guarantee to prospective clients. BlueHost offers business email solutions; it offers industry-best uptimes and a high degree of scalability and reliability. The clients are free to add email accounts according to their convenience as the business gradually expands. You are free to send and receive mails using desktop-based programs like Outlook or Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird. BlueHost also provides a guide to educate clients on how they can configure different mail accounts. Emails can be accessed from tablets and smartphones. You can create mailing lists, delete or add new users, restrict audiences from a list or ban users. It has a zero tolerance policy against spam or bulk and unsolicited emails.

Net4: This is also among the top 5 email hosting providers in India. It mainly focuses on cloud hosting and data protection providing domain registration, web hosting and email hosting services too. Net4 provides attractive business email hosting solutions which has multiple features like advanced spam control, anti-virus controls, customizable quota etc. Indian businesses can choose their Exmail which has features such as active sync with iPhone, Android or Blackberry, backup and recovery, shared folders and contacts and advanced administrative controls. Net4 has more than 800,000 business email accounts which it protects through its ISO-certified data centers.

GoDaddy: GoDaddy began operation since 2012 and remain one of the top 5email hosting providers in India. It offers unlimited email accounts, lots of storage space for your emails, shared calendars and contacts. Each email plan is supported by Microsoft Office 365 and enjoys 99.9% uptime guarantee from Microsoft. It is backed by round-the-clock technical support.

HostIndia.Net: This web hosting company offers complete outsourced email hosting solutions for different organizations and manages their systems. It is one of the top 5 email hosting provider in India and provides scalable, affordable, convenient and quick solutions. HostIndia.Net offers pre-defined hosted email services and everyone in the business can own his account based on domain name. You can continue to add mailboxes as the business grows. You are free to receive and send emails to and from any device which has Internet connectivity, whether it is a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. You can assign the mailbox quotas depending on your needs. You can monitor employee email activities and sensitive data with HostIndia.Net email hosting solutions.

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