Choose From the Top Ten CMS Hosting Providers

CMS hosting or Content Management System hosting services will allows users to edit site content according to their convenience through their web browsers. You do not have to be web designing experts or web developers by profession to be able to edit your website. CMS hosting will let you add new pages, articles and blogs and even alter menu navigations, template of sites without damaging the overall site content. Users are free to choose from thousands of templates when it comes to changing the appearance of the website. It is also possible to introduce plug-ins to sites like contract forms and shopping carts without having to take them off from servers.
top ten CMS hosting providers

How to choose the top ten CMS hosting providers:

When you are looking for a good CMS hosting company in 2015 there are some factors that you should ideally take into consideration such as whether they offer excellent customer support, whether they are reliable or not, whether they offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space, whether they can prevent technical glitches like web page loading problems and finally what their reputation amongst clients is. Using these factors, it may be possible for you to make a list of the top ten CMS hosting providers:

  1. Go4Hosting: When you choose Go4Hosting as your CMS hosting provider, you can enjoy multiple benefits which explains why this company is regarded as one of the top ten CMS hosting providers. It offer user-friendly features which are very simple to use and manage and can be customized to cater to business interests. So, the Go4Hosting CMS plans will allow its clients to customize their site content and improve site features to guarantee a more rewarding browsing experience for users. It offers search engine competencies which lets you connect easily to other websites and reach out to larger audiences in the process. Their CMS platform also supports many social networking sites and lets users reuse their content many times. It tracks the content reused and ensures that the data is absolutely accurate and up-to-date. Go4Hosting also offer content management systems like WordPress and Joomla at very affordable rates.
    Choose From the Top Ten CMS Hosting Providers
  2. Arvixe: Arvixe also ranks among the top ten CMS hosting providers and you can use two methods for setting up WordPress on their servers. The CMS WordPress can be set up on a regular Windows or Linux server or you could opt for managed WordPress hosting. The latter provides WordPress-specific security, auto plug-ins, and daily backups, and similar to other managed WordPress services hosts, Arvixe’s hosting environment has been designed for installing the content management system WordPress and its plug-ins. When you have logged into WordPress, you are free to write posts and pages, create galleries etc.arvixe
  3. SiteGround: When you have decided to use Drupal or WordPress or Joomla, you can consider SiteGround CMS hosting plans for creating your websites. This company ranks among the top ten CMS hosting providers and ensures that your site is safer and works faster with their CMS plans. They own the finest data centers across three continents and the hardware infrastructure mainly focuses on speed. They have 24×7 proactive uptime-monitoring with a support team which is available round-the-clock through phone calls, live chats etc; they can assist you with installation and movement of CMS.
  4. GoDaddy: GoDaddy is among the top ten CMS hosting providers and offers excellent assistance in setting up WordPress on your sites. You can choose from their Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate and Developer Plans where the last two categories of plans will allow users to set up CMS on multiple websites, offering better storage and data security. You can enjoy free domains with their annual plans.
    Go daddy
  5. InMotion Hosting: This web hosting company is one of the top ten CMS hosting providers and provides many tools and software to enable your website to be different from the rest. This provides offers some of the most well-known CMS software like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. There is a single-click installation script that can be accessed from the cPanel.
  6. 1&1 Web Hosting: 1&1 is another popular web hosting company which ranks among the top ten CMS hosting providers because of its wide variety of hosting plans like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, managed WordPress hosting etc to satisfy your business goals. You are free to install the WordPress on standard Windows or Linux servers or you can alternately sign up for the managed WordPress hosting services. There are 3 hosting packages to choose from namely WP Basic, WP Unlimited and WP Performance. While the Basic gives 100GB storage, the WP Unlimited gives free domain name and unlimited disk space and the WP Performance offers guaranteed 2GB RAM for handling traffic spikes.
  7. Media Temple: This provider also makes it to the list of top ten CMS hosting providers because of its attractive WordPress hosting packages. It has introduced four hosting packages namely the Personal, Studio, Agency and Enterprise of which Personal offers 30GB storage and support for two websites, Studio offers up to 100GB storage and power to host ten sites, Agency gives 500GB storage and power to host 50 sites.Media_Temple
  8. Big Rock: Big Rock is also a provider which falls under the category of top ten CMS hosting providers and offers unlimited disks space, domains and emails. Users can create content-rich websites using their state-of-the-art CMS platform. This web host offers one-click installations for Drupal and Joomla with their cPanel. You can also avail of a 30-day money back guarantee when you choose Big Rock CMS hosting.
  9. BlueHost: BlueHost has also earned a solid reputation for being one of the most popular CMS hosting providers because it supports millions of users with its custom managed WordPress hosting solutions. Its experts are well-versed with WordPress and can offer excellent technical support through live chats, phone calls and emails 24×7. Users can set up WordPress in just one click and have the power to manage their installations from a single place. There are no hidden fees and users can avail of a money-back guarantee as well.
  10. Dream Host: This is also a popular CMS hosting provider that offers one-click installer for setting up WordPress on your websites. For affordable rates, you can enjoy automatic WordPress installations and core updates.
    dreamhost-logoThe DreamPress 2 happens to be a super-fast, reliable managed WordPress hosting option hosted on virtual private servers. You can enjoy 24×7 technical support and complete non-interference from other users because it is hosted on an isolated server.

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