Best VPS Web Hosting providers for Word Press

A virtual private server or a VPS is considered ideal for those looking for scalable as well as reliable hosting services within a competitive price point. However, often times, companies end up making wrong selections with respect to their requirements. If you have a simple Word Press site for instance, you may opt for shared or VPS hosting. A dedicated server would be hardly necessary for a simple Word Press site. However, opting for VPS stands to have many benefits as compared to going for a shared server platform.

Why is VPS your Preferred Pick?

Well, a shared hosting solution has its own limited capabilities. Lack of scalability is a major drawback here. Sooner or later you would have to shift to a more reliable and powerful hosting solution for catering to the needs of your growing business. So why not do it from the start? Opting for VPS hosting from the beginning will do away with the hassles of changing platforms later on. And if you thought it would be an expensive proposition think again! VPS, if you know which service provider to engage, is hardly expensive.

Well, a virtual private server is a more logical choice simply because it is a much mightier physical machine. Unlike a shared hosting platform, you will be having a guaranteed allotment of resources which only you would be having access to. So, even though there might be a much more demanding website sharing the same machine, you will always be guaranteed of the availability of resources you are paying for. It is much like one big computer running several small computers.

This simply means that provided you do not end up overloading the VPS, your website is likely to perform much better. Besides, when your website grows, you can upgrade the VPS to a more powerful one in a matter of moments and no migration pangs would come in your way here.

If you are looking for some of the best and most cost effective VPS providers for WordPress sites, here are some of the options you can actually choose from.

Top VPS Hosting Services for your WordPress Site

1. Go4hosting: The customized VPS hosting services offered by Go4hosting allows you to manage your own servers even as you access high end tools. It incorporates a promise of incessant growth coupled with seamless performances. It is equipped with several Tier III level data centers across the country. The platform guarantees a high speed and virtually unstoppable connectivity for your critical data. There is no need to take stock of security related hassles as well. The world class infrastructure that it possesses will impress customers to no end. Some of the frontline features offered include root-level access, installing and managing custom tools, independent boot and reboot, advanced models for complete security, dedicated disk space and unique IPs, frugal in terms of costing, customizable infrastructure and much more.

2. InMotionHosting If you are seeking speed, security as well as value from your VPS hosting package, your search ends here. Along with a superlative hosting experience you are also likely to enjoy some of the most advanced features. You get SSD drives in the RAID 6 servers, absolutely free. These work faster than HDDs. The package also includes Enterprise Class Linux, cPanel and CentOS6. You can also avail of backup facilities absolutely free and opt for your choice of data center locations too. You will also get WHM which is reseller friendly coupled with robust firewall protection.

3. BlueHost: You can choose from 4 to 16 GB RAMs and from about 2 to 4 cores. You will also be able to access Site lock security and redundant storage. You can also opt for seamless shifting from BlueHost shared hosting plans to VPS platforms. When it comes to pricing, expect to receive competitive offers and discounts for your very first month of subscription. In fact, WordPress itself has endorsed BlueHost as its hosting partner of choice.

4. FatCow: If you are looking for instant scalability and deploying from your VPS hosting company, FatCow is likely to be your answer. You can hope for predictable monthly charges with no overage fees providing for unhappy surprises. You can opt for a complete managed site for monitoring without any performance issues. Besides, the service providers are so confident about their services that they offer a money back guarantee just about at any time.

Before you choose one of the VPS hosting providers for your WordPress Sites, it is important to assess your needs completely. All the features offered by the hosting company must be relevant to you. Paying for features and services that hardly mean anything to you would mean sheer wastage of reserves. And, it is equally important to look for experience and accomplishments when choosing a VPS hosting provider.

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