Best Five Indian VPS Server Hosting Providers in 2015

There are many VPS hosting providers in India and to choose the best five Indian VPS hosting providers 2015, it is necessary to compare and evaluate the features each one of these reputed web hosts offer. VPS is a kind of web hosting where the physical server is partitioned into multiple virtual servers, each with its own operating system. The client enjoys root access for his individual server configurations but the server is actually part of a single physical server. VPS hosting is completely secure and ideally suited for businesses which need more resources for expansion but are not yet ready to support a dedicated server both financially and technically. VPS hosting offers more resources compared to shared hosting plans and guarantees better security and reliability compared to shared hosting packages at far lesser costs than dedicated server hosting. This is why VPS hosting is considered to be the bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Clients can install programs and scripting languages according to their convenience in VPS hosting. The following are perhaps the best five Indian VPS providers 2015 and an analysis of their VPS hosting packages throws some light on why they are so popular.

The Best five Indian VPS Providers 2015: 

  1. Go4HostingThis web hosting service provider strives to offer cutting-edge VPS servers which are equipped with robust security provisions and guarantee round-the-clock technical assistance. Clients can enjoy faster loading speeds with their VPS hosting plans. Go4hosting also ensures high performance and unlimited bandwidth to make sure your business operations can operate seamlessly. Their VPS solutions are scalable, customizable and cost-effective to meet varying business requirements. Clients can customize Windows or Linux operating systems and reboot their servers independently without any compromise on security, support, backup or monitoring.
  2. Arvixe Hosting: At Arvixe, you can enjoy web hosting plans which offer a high degree of quality, reliability and affordability. They have received several awards in the past for their excellent web hosting performance. You can register domains and take advantage of cheap Windows hosting, Linux hosting, VPS hosting and managed dedicated hosting servers. Their VPS plans are exceptional and equipped with solid performance which customers want and an exclusive environment typical of dedicated hosting. The Linux VPS clients enjoy complete root access and can install custom applications which demand administrative access to its system. They also benefit from total access to the operating system. All VPS accounts have been provisioned with advanced software and the virtual private servers are fully managed by their top-notch technical personnel.
  3. InMotion Hosting: This web hosting company provides VPS hosting with free SSDs which give clients a flexible, scalable and reliable alternative with unlimited amount of RAM, bandwidth and storage space. Their secure VPS plans are perfectly suited for growing businesses having dynamic sites because these are affordably priced. All the VPS accounts get SSH access; free Solid State Drives, custom-advanced policy firewall, reseller access with WHM and unlimited MySQL databases. The clients also enjoy unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited email accounts, optional root access, easily scalable solutions and unlimited cPanel sub accounts.
  4. IPage Hosting: This web hosting provider is amongst the best five Indian VPS hosting providers 2015 because it offers easy-to-use cPanel, optional root access, better control over resources, fully managed tech support, guaranteed memory, high performance for affordable rates, semi-private resources, cloud-based flexibility, world class support, 24×7 tech support through chats, emails and phones, instant resource availability, seamless migration options and a high degree of scalability for businesses to expand.
  5. Hostgator Hosting: Hostgator VPS plans are fully customizable and may be upgraded when your business grows. Total root access implies complete control over the hosting environment and the ability to set up and customize software. All the Hostgator VPS servers use the 32-Core AMD Opteron processors and offer generous amounts of RAM and disk space. Hostgator VPS plans are known for award winning support through live chats, phone calls and emails. They offer both semi-managed and fully-managed VPS plans to suit your business needs. The semi-managed plans however do not include a cPanel but they offer technical assistance for hardware, OS and basic configuration problems.

HostgatorThese are the best five Indian VPS Server Hosting provider 2015 and you can compare their features and prices before signing up with them.

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