10 Amazing AWS Cloud Services That Deliver Great User Experiences

The cloud has undergone major transformations over the years. It has gone from a simple machine that could be activated by using your card to a highly complex entity with a whole range of tools and functions that are difficult to comprehend even for a fairly well-informed techie.

If the cloud has progressed to what it is today, a fair chunk of the credit should go to Amazon. It has transformed the cloud so dramatically that even tough competitors have faded into the horizon. The AWS cloud hosting services is a bundle of powerful and high value services and new tools are being added on a regular basis to make the cloud more sophisticated and influential.

Amazon has redefined the cloud computing process and is still at it. A look at these 10 latest additions shows why Amazon is the big daddy when it comes to cloud computing.


Rekognition is an innovative AWS tool designed for images. It scans images while searching for specific faces and objects by using advanced machine vision and neural-network algorithms that are tuned for facial recognition and that’s why the name. Apart from identification, the function does a host of other tasks. Using this high-tech machine vision can be exciting but it comes at a cost as you pay not by click but by the glance at each image.


X-Ray does all the heavy lifting associated with monitoring the instances, especially the load and efficiency part and then some more. X-Ray tracks requests for data received for a website and further traces the flow from machines and services. All the data from multiple instances are aggregated so that users can get them in one place conveniently.


Glue from Amazon consists of Python scripts. It crawls the data sources to gather data and puts it in the Amazon’s cloud after applying the needed transforms. Glue can also reach your data sources, analyze the plan and the graphics and make suggestions.


Blox from Amazon is designed to rearrange the clusters of instances to ensure that they are running in optimum number at any given time. The event-driven feature can even be reused outside the Amazon cloud if needed.


Athena from Amazon is designed to run the queries on S3 and spares users the hassle of writing the looping code. It makes use of SQL syntax, a desired development for database administrators. Amazon charges per byte that Athena rolls out but it is largely affordable for nearly everyone.


FPGA or Field Programmable Gate Arrays is the desired ammo of hardware designers. The FPGA from Amazon controls the working of the transistors while rewiring itself to mimic as a chip. It works best for structured and repetitive computing tasks.

Elastic Beanstalk:

The Beanstalk from Amazon is for developers. Elastic Beanstalk relieves the hassle of infrastructure management of your site. Developers can forget about infrastructure and focus more on developing their software or applications.

Auto Scaling

Expand your application and reach it to millions of users effortlessly. Auto scaling can help manage a fleet of servers while supporting the traffic that our application demands. The service is totally free.


This memory caching system of AWS supports Memcache and Redis. It helps create amazing things using the AWS and ClickIT features.


With Lambda, Amazon has taken the simple idea of content delivery network to the next stage. The code does not remain in one server waiting for commands. It has the ability to clone itself and responds super efficiently.

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