• Plesk vs. cPanel Server Hosting

    Plesk vs. cPanel Server Hosting

    If you are planning to opt for server hosting in the near future, this information on Plesk vs. cPanel server hosting might be useful to you in more than just

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List of Top Web Hosting Provider in 2016

When you are looking for the best web hosting India providers, you have to consider many parameters. A list of top web hosting provider in 2016 is possible only when you have carefully evaluated the web host provider solutions in terms of reliability, network uptime, amount of bandwidth and server space, ease of use, backups and disaster recovery provisions, customer

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ComputeHost Vs EverData: Which One Is Better Host?

ComputeHost ComputeHost is one of the top cloud hosting and web hosting services in India and has been expanding their footprints in the field of cloud hosting quite rapidly. The company has more than a decade of rich experience in this business and is clearly the favorite service of many of its dedicated clients. They have delivered advanced cloud hosting

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The Why and When of VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS), as the name suggests, run on the principal of virtualization. These servers are of a higher grade or configuration than the shared ones. These higher order servers enable clients to have the required control over the server configuration and make amends as and when required. The principle underlying the functioning of VPS hosting enables the resources

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Compelling Benefits of Go4hosting Data Center Colocation

Growing competition and challenges of market forces are important factors to shift burden of server related operations to colocation hosting. It is interesting to note that enterprises of all sizes are availing multiple benefits of Go4Hosting data center colocation. Need for colocation hosting services Let us discuss important reasons why these organizations are depending on colocation services of reputed hosting

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VPS Server Hosting Offers Better Control and Security than Shared Hosting

In recent times virtual private servers, or VPS server hosting is fast catching the imagination of small and mid-sized organizations across the globe. It seems natural that with ever increasing performance and functionality, these virtualization technologies are going to gain further momentum in coming times. The reasons for small and mid-sized organizations to jump to VPS bandwagon are myriad and

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VPS Server Hosting Combines Important Features of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a newer form of hosting that seeks to fill the price and feature gap between shared and dedicated hosting. Residing somewhere between shared and dedicated hosting, VPS seeks to combine the cost efficiency of shared hosting with additional control and security provided by dedicated hosting.  In other words when you jump from shared hosting

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Go4Hosting – Is it Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Go4Hosting is one of the most happening names in the hosting world. Title of this blog says whether go4Hosting is good, bad, or ugly. After a thorough review it can be said that it is definitely not bad and being ugly is out of question. However, does that mean they are flawless? No. They are not God for sure. Go4Hosting

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Shared WordPress Hosting – Know What you Must

Shared hosting is supposedly the most popular hosting solution available because it is affordable and suits the needs of the small businesses. If we consider, the WordPress users, there too we will find that shared WordPress hosting is the most popular one. A WordPress website owner generally comes across a volley of adverts regarding this hosting solution. However, most of

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